Why We Must Dream Now and Travel Later

Just like the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, we as a race are all diving into uncharted waters. Governments are implementing measures to ensure our safety and security. Which has caused a lot of us to adopt a snail pace strategy for life and most likely are itching at our fingertips to escape. This can be some sort of struggle to adapt to being in one place for an extended period. However, you must stay at home for a while after your country lockdown eases off. You may have noticed tourism experts using the phrase

Dream Now and Travel Later”

Which is what you can do from anywhere in your home.

We must abide by this term and stick to it for a while. Nature is needing a break from the over tourism and the pollution. Likewise many other damaging aspects tourists contribute too. Although, no doubt tourism is a vital element of a countries survival, even the tourism professionals are preaching this mantra around the globe. 

The Science of Dreaming

A few years back, I read a book by the incredible Berkley psychology and neuroscience professor Matthew Walker, titled Why We Sleep. Similarly, Walker mentions in a post dreaming especially in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep removes the emotional sting out of life and traumatic events you experience in the day time. He’s also indicated in his post that is reduces emotional reactivity, making us less prone to reacting to upsetting or traumatic events.

Similarly, a scientific journal Neuropsychologia has noted those who allow daydreams to score higher on tests. Likewise, a positive correlation has been shown with being able to problem-solve.

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So how does this science relate to the “dream now and travel later” mantra?

Well, by dreaming about our future travels in our sleep or pondering about them in the day. It perhaps may make us feel more hopeful, ambitious and excited about what the future holds. If we become more competent at problem-solving from daydreaming. Just think about it, we may be more equipped to dealing with travel dilemmas. Such dilemmas, for example, could be the route of travel, do you only want to visit a specific region or spread your trip across multiple areas? Maybe, it could be the problem of what type of accommodation to stay in? Or even what season to travel in? 

During this time you have, visualise your future trip, research and make notes to work in your favour for once your travels resume. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for spontaneity when travelling however sometimes planning can just save you that bit of extra time on the road/in the air or on the sea. We all get in the habit of booking last-minute excursions or living life on the go. Now is your time to become more knowledgable and also dream about your next trip. Dreaming will allow you to feel in more control and most likely will enable you to visualise what you want—allowing you to become more assertive when travelling.

Keep calm, travel will resume...

In due time, travel will resume, and the world will slowly start moving again. Returning to normality, before COVID-19 is highly unlikely, but we will be coming into a new world and where we approach to travel with a new lease of life. Just think about it, nature is needing to reset and how beneficial it’ll be to our generations and generations to come. Imagine and dream of travelling in countries where the emissions have been significantly reduced because of this pandemic. Already in India, people can see the Himalayas due to this effect!

Travel in time will resume, and when it does, I’m looking forward to hearing/reading about your stories in the new world post-COVID-19. But for now, respect nature and allow it to heal.

Dream now and travel later.


  1. This post is so interesting! I never knew how powerful dreaming and daydreaming could me which is quite nice actually as I’ve been dreaming of many holidays recently! I think it’s hard to think of things not returning back to how they were but got to have some hope I guess! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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