Why Croatia Is The Next Ibiza

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Ibiza one of Spain’s Balearic islands is a popular haunt for Europeans and others across the globe to spend their summer holidays. It has been an incredibly popular destination since around 1970. Many famous celebrities have and still party there as well as world-renowned DJ’s hosting summer residencies. This is similar in Croatia.

Yet Ibiza is so famous it’s become extremely overpriced and overpopulated. The Telegraph reported in 2017 that Ibiza had 3,236,360 tourists in comparison to the year prior which was 3,061,895. Arguably, this is a little excessive for a small island of approximately 571 km². Given that, it’s not uncommon for night clubs to charge €70 entrance fee and absurd prices such as $12 per bottle as per mixmag


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Unknown Festival.

On the other hand, the coastal country of Croatia is a hotspot for party and holiday goers. Before I give you the reasons why to attend Croatia, here is my experience of the magical country:

Rovinj, Northern Croatia

During September 2014 I experienced my first ‘girls’ holiday for 10 days to Croatia. This time I had tickets to a festival called Unkown festival in Northern Croatia away from the beaten path. I recall arriving there on a bus from Venice and seeing the alluring horizon. 

We had reserved a hotel between the four of us in a resort complex. The hotel was basic yet very cheap making our total stay each £100 for the week. The festival was a five-day-long event with musicians and DJ’s from 5 pm till 5 am every day. We partied in pools and on boats. Likewise, the whole complex was decorated magical decorations and artwork making it a surreal summer experience. 

A moment from Unknown Pool Party with some world-class DJ’s.

The great thing was when we were recovering from our hangovers each day we went out and explored the cosy town of Rovinj. Here we had delicious seafood and dined like royals. It was rather affordable too. The old town architecture was cute and a delight for our eyes. Locals were extremely local and friendly.

My favourite part was I felt united not just with British but with lots of people from Serbia, Polish, Romanian and so on. It wasn’t a “Brits abroad” destination. Being in unison with many nationalities sharing a common bond over sunset and sunrise (especially until 10 am on the last day) is a moment I’ll treasure in my heart forever. 

Why Croatia?

That festival I attended now no longer exists, instead, the owners have leased an island called Obonjan where you can book to stay there throughout the summer. On their website, they have many programmes from international artists, yoga and retreats. I’ve not attended yet, however, a few friends I know have. They describe it as a European paradise.

There are over 20 music festivals in the summer across Croatia where tourists come together and bond over their universal love of dance music. Whilst there are many night clubs in both countries, the festival scene is the way forward. This way you can split your time with sightseeing in the day whilst partying at night. Often these festivals are week-long events. 

Take Dimensions Festival, for example, this music festival hosts its opening ceremony in an ancient amphitheatre in Pula. Then for the remainder, it hosts its festival in a fort! Croatia is home to eight magnificent national parks. One of them being Krka waterfalls which is mesmerising. As well as its capital Dubrovnik the capital is home to several scenes of Game of Thrones. 

This country is filled with so much adventure, history and nightlife it’s extremely underrated. Similarly, a lot of it is rather cheaper than Ibiza. I’ve travelled to many coastal countries in Europe and all I can say Croatia is a destination like no other, an ultimate utopia. It is also a fraction of the cost. You can check here what festivals happen in Croatia here.


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