What to do in Venice for One Day

Casino Royale, Casanova, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, and many more are famous films which are all set in the heart of Italy’s beautiful Venice. This picturesque Northern city is on the bucket list for many international travellers. It’s made up of over 100 hundred islands and the city is surrounded by water. To be honest, the city is just an island with no roads, all waterways and canals. It’s utterly unique. Which is why you should visit. 

Many world-renowned hotels, resorts and shopping malls have taken inspiration from the city and have made canals, with blue skies and gondolas in their properties. Striving to achieve that tranquil Venetian vibe Venice has. To be honest, though, no property quite matches visiting the vividness of Venice. 

Before COVID-19 the city of water, it was averaged about 20 million tourists per year would visit Venice, according to worldpopulationreview. Arguably, this is a large number of tourists which irritates the local residents. Who knows if this will pick up post-COVID or decrease? However, Venice any time of the year is brilliant to visit. Likewise, to help your touristic venture be less impactful on the environment and residents, you can explore Venice for One Day.

Yes, that’s right, Venice is not a destination you really need to explore across a fortnight, week or 72 hours. I’ve visited Venice in 9 hours on the way back from Croatia, and I personally believe you can do a lot in 4-6 hours in Venice for One Day. That way, you won’t be a significant contributor as much to the overtourism problem. 

Therefore, let me share with you what to do in Venice for One Day:

Walk Around the Island of Burano

Ok ok, If you have a bit of longer time on your hands for the day I’d recommend getting a 45-minute ferry journey to the Island of Burano. This picturesque place is a hit with Instagramers as the buildings are splashed with vibrant colours. Such houses are commonly referred to as Fishermans houses, and there are scrumptious eateries out on the front. It is also renowned for lacemaking. Spend an hour or two maximum strolling around taking photos.

Stroam Along The Banks of The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the epicentre of Venice which connects all the main waterways. If you’ve watched films or seen Venice advertised, this is one of the main sites. Most Venetian Gondolas and water taxis meet on the Grand Canal to go elsewhere. Even though the Grand Canal is picturesque, it has major attractions on its banks. Many historical buildings sit by its sides dating from the 12-18th century. 

Also, make sure to walk across on one of its five bridges Liberty, Constitution, Scalzi, Rialto or the Ponte Dell’Academia. There are some spectacular views on these bridges, but be warned they can get busy, and many want to queue. I’d recommend getting there in the early morning and avoiding the queue.

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On the side, take a break and enjoy the oldest ice cream in Venice. You HAVE to have an ice cream from Gelateria Nico. There’s nothing like sitting eating ice cream on a gorgeous sunny day by the waterfront of The Grand Canal.

Dodge’s Palace

For me, this is one of my favourite pieces of architecture in all of Venice. This hauntingly beautiful gothic architecture was built around the 10th-11th century and as the name suggests used to be a former palace. For some time, it was also a place where the government met for meetings. Today this stunning gothic beauty serves as a museum which you can explore its history. 

Saint Marks Basilica

You can’t be in Italy without visiting any churches or cathedrals. This beautiful 12th-century building has five domes! Inside of it is decorated finely with stunning mosaics, 8000 metres worth! Across these mosaics are biblical scenes showing different stories and perspectives. Arguably, this is a very popular attraction so I’d recommend you book the tickets online in advance. Similarly, choose the option to hire a local guide as there’s so much history and detail in this place, you cannot absorb it fully by googling it while your there! 

Eat Cheap Food on the Backstreets

A lot of people visit Venice and complain they’ve nearly been bankrupted due to the price of food or drink. This is not always the case, as you just need to eat on the backstreets on the outskirts of Venice. I recall having delicious authentic pizza, salad and wine for less than €15! It was outside next to a canal which really added to the ambience. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the cafe; however, a few good ones advertise the menu in an old school way on a blackboard outside. 

Gondola Ride

If you have a bit of money and not travelling on a budget, why don’t you take a Gondola ride on one of the canals? The Venetian gondola used to be a common form of transport 100 years back, it still is, however, less operate. You’ll find that those who navigate the gondola are males, as its a profession which as it has been handed down from father to son. I can’t quote you outright for the costs as it varies between public and private gondola. Likewise the duration you spend, however, it’s worth travelling on one. 

Observe art spectacles at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection

For just €15-€20 you can witness hundreds of modernist European artists. If you like cubanism, then this is the place for you, with many abstract pieces of artwork from the 20th century. It’s not hard to find either as its located on the grand canal. If you’re short on time then skip this activity however, if you’re an art lover, then this is a must.

Meander Around the Jewish Ghetto

From around the 16th-19th Venice had a Jewish section. Jewish flocked here safely from the Spanish building synagogues and served as a safe haven for Jews back then. Today, very much so there is a lot of Jews living a vibrant life in this quarter. Dine at traditional pastry shops and see the gorgeous architecture.

Try on or buy Venetian Masks

One major festival associated with Venice is the Festival of Venice. Where centuries-old traditions people would wear gorgeously decorated Venetian masks. The reason behind the tradition is that the masks would hide their faces, names and status. It served as a form of identity protection. Yes, Venice kickstarted the masquerade which we commonly see all over the world. Try a mask on, it’s fun and see which one fits your personality type. 

.These are just a few activities you can pick and choose to explore in Venice in one Day. Obviously, take into account your time limit there and the activity times are online a generic guideline. If you are a slow stroller, have families or other responsibilities they make take longer or less time than stated.

However, in all honesty, what I’d suggest if you’re struggling for ideas or panicking take a walking tour. That way, you can cram in a fair amount of activities, have a general idea of time constraints and be provided with unique information from a local guide. You will get to do a of activities in Venice for one day.


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