What is Transformational Travel?

Recently, I’ve attended a training session on transformational travel. As a twenty-something who actively reads, eats, breathe and sleeps travel, this was a new concept for me. Just looking at those two words a lot of points can come into your thoughts. It’s pretty easy to derive its meaning though, that is travel to change. The correct definition from the originators of the official Travel Transformation Council(TTC) is:

“Transformational travel is intentionally travelling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.”

What growth can we expect to discover in ourselves from transformational travel? 

Depending on your experience, there are no specific outcomes we can predict from travel. As each thoroughly depends on your encounter and is down to your own mindset. In order for you to develop as a result of travel, you need to be compliant, open, mindful and be able to stretch on your path so it can spill into other areas of your life.

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How do I change?

Well, the TTC states you have to implement travelling with a H.E.A.R.T.:

H- Whilst travelling you must be humble. That is, to learn and to connect to others equally. 

E- During your journey, you must be engaged. This means becoming pro-active and get involved in the experience. Don’t be an observer from the sidelines.

A- Throughout the time of travel you must be awake. Which means being alert and aware of internal as well as external circumstances and reactions. Likewise the effects of our actions.

R- This stands for resilience. Also the TTC states it’s about being willing to take on a challenge and that you have to be proactive to access enhanced travel experiences or opportunities. 

T- You must be thankful.

If you adopt the H.E.A.R.T. strategy it will allow you to be open to people and open to having a new connection with the company or guide. Then, if you have an open mind you will develop new connections to aid your learning.

More to the point, if you respect your connections you will learn to value the other person. Adding respect will allow you to gain a better understanding of a person, place or item. Which will generate a peaceful and fruitful form of travel. Adding a profound value.

The emotional value you acquire allows you to protect and preserve. Again, this generates a larger connection to people, objects and places. Which transforms your thought process. Ultimately, transforming you. 

But, this sounds too gimmicky?

Now, just because the word transformational is in the title does not mean it’s a spiritual journey on which embarking you are closer to a step towards obtaining enlightenment or ‘finding yourself’. Likewise seeing a rapid change.

Whilst this is not a by the book recipe to change you, it’s a concept to consider. If you apply these stages, it’s most likely you’ll be able to have a greater added value to your life. Travel can spur on personal transformation, new lifestyle choices, relationships, environmental footprints, choices and much more.

If you learn, go and stretch these techniques it’s possible you could grow into a new engagement with the world over time. I mean, there’s more to travel than taking selfies, checking in on social media updates and facetime right?

Let’s connect, value and respect the remarkable planet we live on.

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