Walking in The Fetish District of Akihabara Tokyo Japan

Anime, Hentai, BDSM, sex dolls and many others definitely is a niche unique to Japan. Arguably, this has travelled around the world, causing many people from different nationalities to succumb to these unique fetishes also. While we may be open and vocal about sex, Japanese are shy but pride sexual fetishes. It’s in their music, films, toys, restaurants and books. A lot of men and women, with a young-looking face. You can see it online but also in its capital Tokyo in stores, down streets and even at some temples. No joke there are even religious festivals dedicated to penises!

However, in my opinion, the best place to experience all fetishes Japanese related in the Akihabara district in Tokyo. To an ordinary person on the outside, this may look like a vibrant and busy shopping hub full of electronic shops. It’s also a gamers paradise with boatloads of arcades. But, gaming or electronics is not my favourite reason for visiting Akihabara. I love visiting for the fetish-related stuff. As it’s so different from what I am used to in the UK. I had a great time walking Walking in The Fetish District of Akihabara Tokyo, Japan. While there, I explored much stuff.

Maid Cafes

A sneaky photo of me in the maid cafe.

One of my favourite activities I did when Walking in The Fetish District of Akihabara Tokyo Japan was visiting a maid cafe. Whether you’ve seen it through porn, the internet or know it in general, Japan LOVES Cosplay. Do you know that fantasy of a maid coming in to tend to all of your wildest fantasies? Well, if that’s your thing, you can explore many maids in Tokyo. Or if it’s not, like my case it’s fun to be a part of anyways.

Yes, I’m talking about Japanese women dressed as maids. When you walk down the street in Akihabara, there are endless cafes with maids, serving you food. The maid’s don’t act like their in a cafe; they act like you are their servant. They serve you cute food, do cute dances and funny actions. They put a pair of bunny ears on me and made me say something in Japanese (which I don’t know what it meant). The only thing I felt sad was that many workers had undergone eye surgery. Their beautiful eyes had been cut to look like Western ones which were sad.

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Visiting M’s: POP LIFE

What is M’s you may ask? Well, it’s a seven-story building filled with sex toys, clothes, DVD’s, books and many more. There was so much stuff I hadn’t seen in the sex industry until I reached there. On the stairs, as you walk up, there are polaroids of women in kinky BDSM outfits. Back when I visited, they let you take an outfit home for free if you posed for a photo for their store in the outfit. Whether you’re walking around or wanting to buy something I’d recommend going here.

Vending Machines

Now if you’ve travelled through Japan, there are endless amounts of vending machines selling coffee, alcohol and food. But, what is even more unique in Akhibara is that there are vending machines selling used underwear. So, if that’s your thing, then go all out and purchase some. 

Mandrake Complex

If you like Manga, you’ll be like a kid in a candy shop here. There are lots of unpublished novels, comics and DVDs. I recall a good friend of mine got so enticed by the variety and volume of stuff; we had to leave him this store!

Butler Cafe

Ladies, don’t you worry there’s something for us too! Butlers, where you get muscular good looking Japanese men serving you. 

Of course, when walking in the Fetish District of Akihabara Tokyo Japan, it’s not all just fetish activities. There are owl cafes, cat cafes, restaurants, galleries and arcades. If you have visited, then tell me about your favourite activity walking in the fetish district in Akihabara Tokyo Japan.


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