Visitors Experience La Sagrada Familia

Authored by Larisse Bollebaker

In 2019 my father and I went on holiday to Spain Salou. Before the holiday we bought the tickets for a visitors experience of the Sagrada Familia online to be sure that we would have the tickets. Because the tickets sell out quickly.

What is the La Sagrada Familia?

This is a large Roman Catholic cathedral built in 1882 then Gaudi took in charge from 1883 building this magnificent cathedral. It is still under construction today. However, it is a must see as it’s a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During early June, we rode the bus from Salou to Barcelona Passeig de Gracia where we arrived around 10:30 am. After leaving the bus we got the metro to go to the Sagrada Familia the immense and famous cathedral designed by Gaudi. Upon first sight, we found it outstandingly grand. Extremely impressive.

It’s tremendously large and high all around. Also, the statues throughout the cathedral told the story of Jesus Christ from birth to death. The story part of birth is festive and the story part of the dead is gloomy and modest.

Arriving at the entrance there were very lengthy ques to get in. Likewise, at the entrance, there is security as strict as airport customs! Very strict and metal detectors. Once passing security, we were inside. Then my father and I were given an audio to start the tour.

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Everything we saw, was explained by the audio guide. All of that cathedral is designed in a certain way for a reason. On one side of the cathedral, there are morning like colours whereas the other side has dark evening colours. Likewise, the pillars look like very high trees and the roof looks like a canopy.

At the altar, there is a statue of Jesus on a cross. Above him is something that resembles an umbrella. Around it hangs beautiful lights and fruit. Moreover, it’s splendid and spectacular to witness. Similarly, inside the cathedral, you can see the main door leading to the prayer room. As well as deep inside in the cathedral lays the final resting place of Gaudi. Which you can only see from the windows above. We seen everything in 2 hours.

Unfortunately, the weather was not the best so the towers were closed. One day, I’d like to return to see at least the tower of birth and perhaps the Gaudi museum. Due to the high demand and quick sellout of tickets they are not available to purchase on the day.

If you’re wanting to enjoy a visitors experience of La Sagrada Familia I recommend you stay in Salou as opposed to Barcelona itself. It’s much more affordable. Spanish tend to holiday from June 15th onwards and it will be much busier then. So it’d be advised to visit before June.

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  1. I love the Sagrada Familia! I’ve been visited twice now, the first time I went up the towers but I’m very claustrophobic so it wasn’t a very good idea for me…!

    Charlotte | x

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