Pride Month: 10 Popular LGBTQ Events in 2019

It is pride month and it’s 2019! We are slowly moving towards normalising sexuality. It does not matter whom we’re interested in. Unfortunately, as a human race, we still have a long way to go towards achieving equality.

However with countries like Taiwan, a multiparty democratically republican ran country recently legalised same-sex marriage. This is a good step forward. We can only hope this influences other countries to follow and decrease stigmatisation across the world.

There are many countries who like to celebrate our unique traits by holding pride events which bring people together. Pride events are not just for those of the LGBTQ sexuality, heterosexuals can attend too. It’s about the celebration of equality!

What are Pride Events?

Pride events are filled with so much joy, vibrant colours, snazzy sequins, sparkling glitter, roaring music and a majestic atmosphere. The events are one of a kind. Events can differ from parades, music concerts, fashion shows and other fun-filled activities. People are there to have fun meaning the vibes of these events are generally good.

By attending different events across the world you will learn about various cultures. In a way, it’s a good way to meet people whilst travelling. You will make history and be part of a movement towards equality.

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A piece of advice, if you’re planning to bring your children do your research! Some, are family friendly. However, a good few will be alcohol filled. At those, there are people who use it as an excuse to get extremely wasted and hook up with one another.

Find out in advance which are child-friendly!

Generally, pride events happen over the warmer months of the year such as the summer seasons like June or July. They are mainly celebrated in open spaces such as public parks. Depending on the country you visit, certain events have their own special aspect to them. Whilst there are many in the world, in no particular order here are 10 popular pride events:

Toronto Pride Month (Canada)

Photo by Luis Cortes Martinez on Unsplash

This year’s Canadian pride takes place the whole of June. Toronto dates commence from June 1st- June 30th. The pride website claims that there are street parades, community fairs, pool parties, theatre shows and many more.

Toronto pride has a full itinerary you can check out here. Some events at this pride are suitable for children. Canada is an incredibly friendly country and this year they launched a new coin to celebrate LGBTQ rights. It is estimated on average 1-2 million people will attend. Talk about, welcoming!

Sao Paulo Pride (Brazil)

This is the largest pride event in the world and takes place on Sunday the 23rd of June. It is a parade and according to Vamos Gay in the past, a crowd of 3 million participants have been attracted to itMoreover, a former Spice Girl Melanie C has been confirmed to perform at Sao Paulo’s pride this year!

Bringing Back the 90’s into 2019.

Recently noted by Aljazeera, Brazil’s supreme court has voted to make homophobia and transphobia a crime. The court is still currently voting to debate if those two should be within the racism law. Other countries should take note as this is a massive step forward for the LGBTQ community.

Madrid (Spain)

Pride Madrid takes places between the 3rd-7th of July. There is a parade, a political summit, outdoor street parties with stages playing music, a high heel race and a Mr Gay Espania pageant contest. Very fruitful indeed.

The high heel race alone sounds like a reason to attend Madrid Pride!

It is estimated around at least one million people attend. Similarly, it’s also rumoured to be one of the best pride events in Europe. If you want the full itinerary it’s here.

New York Pride Month (America)

New York’s Pride is known as World Pride NYC taking place the whole month of June from the 1st-30th. This year, New York Is honouring the 50th anniversary of the Stone Wall riots. According to history, the Stonewall riots occurred in 1969 where a group of LGBTQ activists refused to back down. Protests occurred over 6 days leading to a movement within the community.

New York Pride Month
Photo by Josh Wilburne on Unsplash

According to World Pride, there are over 50 events at World Pride NYC and more than 3 million people will be attending!  Wow, what a jam-packed month. New York truly knows how to throw a party. There are different events ranging from political conferences, pride marches, family events such as movies, youth pride and adult club parties.

London Pride Month (U.K.)

In London, a bunch of pride filled events occur for a month from June 1st. These events differ from runs, picnics, parades, theatre shows, concerts and more. Check out the listings here. There are some events which are free however some which require tickets.

Do your research and book in advance if needed. This year’s event is enormous, featuring sponsors from Facebook, Tesco, Amazon, Transport for London and many more. According to The Independent for the parade itself during 2018 more than a million people took part.

Rome Pride (Italy)

Rome Pride Month
Photo by Luis Cortes Martinez on Unsplash

Another large pride event held in Italy’s capital city. Don’t fret about visiting with it being a Catholic city. Crux state even Pope Francis has come into somewhat support the LGBTQ community, indicating that sexuality tendencies are not a sin! This year Roma Pride takes place from 2nd-9th June.  

Tel Aviv Pride (Israel)

Renowned as the gay capital of the Middle East, lots of positive comments have been made about Tel Aviv’s Pride. The pride event will host a parade and a ticked beach party on June 14th.  However, the pride week in Tel Aviv will commence a few days earlier on the 9th of June. The country praises itself on diversity, colours and all around craziness. Be sure to check out other unofficial events leading up to pride week or private hosted events.

San Fransico Pride (America)

An alternative to New York yet another big pride event which takes place on 29th and 30th June. San Fransisco Pride has at least 1 million attendees for its parade alone. There’s art events, music events and conferences throughout the city.

Paris Pride (France)

Taking place on Saturday 29th June a magical parade of at least 700,000 spectators takes place through the streets of Paris. Lots of lively events happen leading up to the parade. It’s often the case celebrities and powerful figures join in with the celebrations towards equality.

Mexico City Pride (Mexico)

According to misterbandb this pride event is one of the most wildest in the world. Ideally not an appropriate pride for children to attend. This year it takes place between June 27th-June 30th. There is a parade, bars and club events.

Pride Dog
Photo by Toni Reed on Unsplash

There are many pride events, these only a select few common ones talked about across the internet. Similarly, most occur in June whereas some later in the year. Do a bit of searching and you will find one nearest to you. If you never have visited you should at least visit once. Moreover, it’s one step to promoting equality!


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