My Top 15 Travel Bucket List Destinations For 2019

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Look no further as I have you covered. My travel bucket list is ever extending every day. Therefore, for me, it can be quite hard to rank or prioritise them in a specific order. Each destination on this list of mine has made it either due to its alluring scenery, enchanting history, appealing cuisine or just a general all-round intriguing destination. Therefore, let me get on with it and tell you my top 15 travel bucket list destinations for 2019:

1) Cappadocia- Turkey

Cappadocia is based in central Turkey with gorgeous Antolian plains. To me, the scenery looks spectacular and something out of a movie. There are so many hills and greenery for miles. Amongst those are hot air balloons lingering in the sky, making the landscape of Cappadocia even more stunning. As the plains are often cave-like, there are a lot of hotels built inside the caves where you can spend the night in a cave. Moreover, you can go on hikes. Have you got the travel bug yet? Cappadocia makes me eager more than ever to visit and have breakfast while watching the sunrise over the mesmerising plains. 

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 2) Zanzibar- Tanzania

Zanzibar is a region of the African country, Tanzania. However, it’s 23 miles away and very different from Tanzania itself. Not just the scenery but apparently its food, people and politics are unlike the mainland. You can reach there via boat or aeroplane. What draws me to Zanzibar are the white beaches and the gorgeous clear sea. I’ve grown up in a beach town so when I don’t see an ocean I feel a little lost. Just look at those waters, don’t you want to just dive right in?

3) Okinawa- Japan

Okinawa is a chain of islands owned by Japan. These islands hold a very significant place in my heart as they are the birthplace of karate. Likewise, my blackbelt comes all the way from this prefecture. I’ve already visited Japan but I want to visit and explore the routes of karate even further. For those who aren’t the martial arts type, don’t fret Okinawa has some mesmerising coral reefs, beaches and world war II sights.

4) Mongolia 

This country has been on my radar for some time. I feel it’s definitely one for those nomads out there. To me the nomadic lifestyle and the idea of living in a yurt really attract me to the country. I love to witness how Mongols operate and their way of life. Likewise, being the ultimate nomad and riding on a horse across the Gobi desert. 

5) Socotra-Yemen 

A unique uninhabited island in the Arabian sea. According to atlasobscua this archipelago is so isolated that a third of its plant life is not anywhere else on this planet. It contains rare forms of exotic wildlife. You can either fly there from Yemen or visit by boat in the pirate-infested waters. After all, it also neighbours Somalia. This island is something I’ve dreamed of and a constant one I read about. However, I’m not brave enough to take the risk just yet. 

6) Baku, Azerbaijan 

Baku is the capital city of the Eurasian country that is Azerbaijan. Why Baku? Well, I find the modern and futuristic architecture incredibly fascinating. The architecture here is quite varied from Islamic to European. Also amongst its modern infrastructure, the cosmopolitan hip city still likes to preserve its ancient folk culture. 

7) Tashkent, Uzbekistan 

Uzbekistan is a country based in central Asia and part of the silk road route. Its capital Tashkent has modern Islamic yet hypnotic blue buildings. It used to be ruled by the Soviets who also helped to rebuild after a devastating earthquake which occurred in 1966. I’ve once tried Uzbekistani food in Ukraine and it was amazing. It mainly consists of scrumptious bread and noodles. A carb lovers dream. So, for the blue mosaiced buildings and food alone makes it is a must-visit for me. 

8) Papua New Guinea 

This is a country on the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It’s one country with a few small islands. What really attracts me to this destination are the tribal groups that live there. Basically, the area is still untouched from the western world. There are over 800 languages spoken in the country too! Likewise, it is home to many picturesque sceneries such as gorgeous forests and rivers. What gives me the thrill though, is exploring the tribal regions (even though I could get killed). 

9) North Korea

This is a destination I frequently mention to those who are closest to me. Likewise, I like to be a dark tourist and go off the beaten track. Even though it is arguable you cannot go off the beaten track once there and it’s a highly supervised tour, I still want to visit. I want to make my own mind up if they’re trying to butter me up or not. Moreover, the images I see of its haunting cinematic architecture take my breath away.

10) Cinque Terre, Italy

Imagine this, sipping a glass of wine on the gorgeous Italian riviera. Well, you can do this in Cinque Terre. If you’re visiting Italy you can easily get here by train line as there are great connections to Rome, Pisa or Genoa. The colourful traditional Italian buildings make me want to go there. Similarly, visiting the five villages in Cinque Terre which are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

11) St Tropez, France 

This is a cosmopolitan beach port on the French Riviera. Imagine the tasty French cuisine, vibrant nightlife and daytime relaxing by the Mediterranean. Similar to Cinque Terre there are alluring pastel-coloured houses. What more could you want? 

12) Madagascar

The trees of this island known as the Baobab are what draws me to Madagascar. There are six species of this gigantic tree and can only be found in Madagascar. The height of the trees can reach from 23-36 feet long! According to the Telegraph it took 300,000 years for Homo Sapiens to discover them. 

13) Ladakh-India 

This is a remote region in Northern India full of mountains and borders with Tibet. It has a spectacular rocky landscape and perfect for off-road adventures on a motorbike.

14) Cuba

Cuba a country in South America is another destination high on my list. Why? Particularly the main use of transport is vintage cars and this was due to the United States used to be the main car importer for Cuba. It’s a country rich in history, dance and of course the world-renowned Cuban cigars. 

15) Alberta, Canada 

Imagine a province in Western Canada, that’s home to the Rocky Mountains and over 600 lakes. That is Alberta. Over 4 million people live there and it’s a mix of Canadians as well as foreigners. 

What are your travel bucket list destinations for 2019? 

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