My Feelings on the Corona Virus

Is this an episode of Black Mirror or The Walking Dead? No, it’s the year 2020, and we are all subject to the Corona Virus Pandemic. You’re scared, I’m scared, who isn’t scared? I’m currently in Kathmandu and seeing the tourism industry fall apart.

Many close friends of mine who own businesses in such industry are worried about their businesses surviving in case the country goes on lockdown. Meetings and notices are being regularly organised in a Tourism Think Tank Group. Nepal has only one official case of Corona Virus that has been diagnosed and recovered. What I’m paranoid about is how Nepal’s neighbours India and China have had many instances of this virus, yet we’ve had one? I can’t help to think that we do have the virus, just not with the facilities to diagnose it.

Yet as an Expat living here amongst other citizens, we must live with hope and take preventative measures to look after our health. Which goes without saying, wash our hands thoroughly, imply social distancing and listen to advise from health officials.

But, that’s just my bubble in Kathmandu.

Now let me talk about my feelings towards the rest of the world. To say I’m feeling melancholic is an understatement. Every day, I can’t help reading stats about deaths in other countries and those diagnosed with the virus. I try to avoid news, podcasts or any other forum actively. However, because I write, it just keeps popping up. It’s so surreal.

Corona Virus has Impacted my family

Corona Virus Italy

Yesterday, I gave my mum a call on Facetime to check in with her and my stepdad. Around 80% of the conversation was about how she’s worried about Corona virus. Also she fears of the U.K. getting placed on lockdown. To witness your 58-year-old mother, scared is awful. She and I have been reading figures about deaths in the 50s and 60s. I just wish I could be home to comfort her. However, at the same time, I have a fear of being placed in quarantine. Likewise having travel restrictions of returning to Kathmandu and not getting back to my partner or dogs.

My brother is in the army and is currently based in Estonia. The unit next to him, are all under isolation and they’re receiving food parcels under their door. His unit is likely to be the next in line, where he gets placed on lockdown. My Italian cousins funeral was held ten days ago in Turin, and no doubt the attendance was small. Because people were too afraid to attend due to contraction. Not receiving the send off he deserves.

These are just small instances of how it’s affected myself, my friends and families lives. No doubt you have your own stories, losses and concerns. While there are only little preventative measures in place, there’s other stuff we can do as humans to fend off the mental difficulties. Just like Italy and Spain have done with lockdown, stand in unison.

My Suggestions for you

First, think of creative ways and look at the positives of life, amidst all of this chaos. They’ve organised balcony concerts, with opera singers and national anthems booming from their radios.

Second, I’d say is join or create think tank groups depending on what industry you’re in. Inevitably, most businesses will probably lose out on customers and hit financial trouble. However, now is the time, to reach out and reciprocate favours how you and businesses in your industries can come up with strategies to survive this outbreak.

Finally, spend time with your loved ones. I know it’s hard, but try and think of this virus as a beautiful way of nature doing a cull. We’ve taken so much from the planet; it’s only fair nature takes back. We can’t predict what will happen to our loved ones or us. So use this time away from social media and bond within your homes. Create memories, have conversations and re-connect with your family values. Heck, even when this pandemic settles down, there may not be a point where you get this amount of precious time.

Stay safe, stay hopeful and be grateful.



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