How To Avoid Scams in Jaipur India

While India’s pink city is fantastic to visit, I’d suggest trying to avoid scams in Jaipur, India. If you’re unfamiliar with Jaipur, it’s a stunning city in the Rajasthan State of Northern India. The weather tends to be quite hot and humid; therefore, you might want to plan your visit wisely. It’s also a bustling city with a population of 4.1 million+.

However, be aware amongst this population, there are a lot of con artists around.

Fake Gurus or Astrologers

During my time in India, I had wanted to visit a Guru. My tuk-tuk driver had told me he knew of one. The guru himself had been on the BBC for a series of The Real Marigold Hotel. I was taken to a jewelry shop that, ironically, the guru owned. He operated from the backroom.

How To Avoid Scams in Jaipur India

He informed me about my parent’s divorce, named my health conditions, and about my future. It was inside knowledge you could not research from Facebook or other online platforms. To this day, I still am skeptical as some gurus can read body language. After the session, he took me into his shop and advertised his products. I chose a ring in the end (as I wanted one anyway); however the assistants tried to swap it and sell me a gold ring with a fake certificate. I refused.

Cheap Tailors

Next, I went to visit a tailor. First, they took us to see the block print. Then, they took us upstairs to view the different fabrics in their showroom. I was buttered up with tea, soft drinks, and snacks by assistants. After regretting not getting anything made from a tailor in Vietnam, I chose this opportunity to get garments made.

Before looking at examples, the owner explained how he made products regularly for British brands like Monsoon and Habitat. I was handed ‘handmade’ duvets, pashmina scarves, Kurtis, and suit ties. I became extremely carried away and spent £350.00.

When I arrived back in the U.K, most clothing items lasted for two washes; the stitching and dye came undone. I felt robbed. They didn’t distribute to those retailers and used it as a marketing tactic.

Questionable Rick Shaw Drivers Scams in Jaipur

Amber Fort Jaipur

Moreover, be careful, as rickshaw drivers in India are on a commission basis. Anywhere in India, if you want to go somewhere, I’d advise checking online as opposed to asking drivers or in your hotel. Most of these know someone or have a friend in a shop. If they bring you to their friend’s shop and you purchase something, they get a kickback for taking you. It may not mean it’s the best shop around…

Overall, these are just a few of my experiences in Jaipur, India. The truth is, I didn’t spend my whole time being scammed in Jaipur; it was equally wholesome. I’m not saying you will get scammed; just be cautious about your surroundings and activities.

Based on my experiences, hopefully, you will know how to avoid scams in Jaipur India. Have you been scammed abroad before? Share your experience in the comments below.

Other related questions to scams in Jaipur

What are common scams in India?

India has a lot of scams like purposeful billing mistakes, inflated taxi prices, hotel switches, fake tourist offices, road fees, and fake goods being sold. When traveling to India, be conscious and cautious at the same time.

How can we stop scams in India?

The main way to stop scams in India is by being incredibly vigilant about what’s happening around you. Also, if you see someone being scammed or think you’re being scammed, inform the local police for punishment.

Which is the biggest corruption in India?

A lot of the corruption in India is related to large scandals associated with government officials like cabinet ministers, chief ministers, and more. Often it’s seen that the state of Maharashtra is the most corrupt state out of them all.


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