High-Tech Magical Japanese Toilets, What’s The Deal?

Photo by Matthew Henry at Burst

According to a survey, British individuals spend up to twice as long on the toilet than exercising. For other nationalities, I simply don’t know. My theory is, is that if we spend so much of our lives in the bathroom we must optimise that experience to the fullest. Ideally using high-tech.

This my friends, is what Japan have been doing for a while. Japanese high-tech toilets are something else.

My Encounter

During my first time to Tokyo, I entered a coffee shop and befriended the owner. The owner, customers and I ended up drinking beers on the night time before closure. Just before the shop was due to shut, I asked the owner where his restroom was.

Politely, he lead me to his guest toilets. At this point, I was slightly drunk and ended up sitting on half of the seat. Next, water started splashing everywhere. Then, I looked down to my right and noticed a remote panel built into seat!

I was mesmerized. I could not believe it, the toilet had buttons.It was high-tech. Not just one or two, I’m talking about a good twelve to choose from. What did I do?

Well obviously out of curiosity I was going to press them, wasn’t I?

There I sat, pressing button by button. Ones had different fountain motions, others sprinklers, music playing, deodorizers, nightlight, heated seats and even a fake flushing sound!

Photo by Matthew Henry at Burst

I could have thought of multiple ways in itself that would come in handy. What should have been a short toilet break extended to a drunken ten minutes! Eventually, the owner had to come and knock on the washroom door as all the customers had gone!

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Toto Toilet

The most renowned toilet seat is the Toto toilet. It has been come to known as a smart toilet. This toilet has electrolyzed water causing the acidity to kill the bacteria from each flush. Other countries like Korea also use them and the style varies wherever you go.

The latest Toto toilet nearest price is $13,000. In my opinion due to sanitation and convenience smart toilets are the way forward. However to pay $13,000 for one high tech toilet is questionable.

Arguably, toilets like these tackle would tackle minor first world problems people moan about in developed countries. Examples being the awkward sound of people knowing you’re using the toilet. A horrific smell left from the person prior. Even though they save water, it can be questioned on how environmentally friendly they are due to the electric use.

Have you used a high-tech toilet before? Would you invest in one?


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