Getting The DFDS Seaways Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam

What’s your favourite mode of travel? For me, it’s usually the train, and my least favourite is flying (due to my fears). One method I remember taking quite frequently when I was a teenager was the ferry. It was the DFDS Seaways ferry from my home city Newcastle Upon Tyne to Amsterdam.

The reason behind my frequent travel, as cheap deals were advertised regularly. Such offered a 6-hour city break in Amsterdam and a two-night stay on the ferry (there and back).  Back then, I secured some cracking deals. I recall one time, getting a deal for £28 for an overnight stay and had so much fun. Why? Well, it was all due to a fun ferry based adventure. 

DFDS Seaways Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam

When travelling with DFDS Seaways, you can stay in a range of many cabins from, sea view, double bed, commodore, commodore deluxe and pet-friendly ones. It is a ferry service which is truly something that caters to all! Having used this ferry twice, I’ve stayed in the economy. As I was a young teenager at the time, I found this the most budget-friendly. Likewise, it was fun sharing a cabin with three other friends.

Each cabin was immaculate, had a shower and wash facilities. What was more epic, was the whole level of cabins seemed to be other teenagers/young adults travelling to Amsterdam. Therefore the entire dorm and level turned into a whopping big party. We were drinking, chatting to travellers and hopping from room to room.

DFDS Seaways Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam

Sneaking in alcohol

In regards to drinking, I’d travelled on this ferry once before and knew how expensive alcohol could be. Therefore to prepare in advance and save money, I’d poured vodka into fruit shoot bottles and sealed the lids back with glue. So, when I went through customs, checking what I had, they didn’t even look twice at the ‘fruit juice’. Where I had some other friends have their alcohol confiscated. Later on that evening, I did go to the bar and have some alcohol. Friends and I had a few cocktails, then moved onto the casino next door.

Casino time…

On the DFDS seaways ferry, they have a cosy, small yet fun casino. Where you can play roulette, blackjack and many other games. While there, I gambled for a short period and stopped retreating to the room with friends. It was there we opened sausage rolls, biscuits, crisps and other junk food to snack. We chose not to have dinner at a restaurant or book it in advance for that matter as it was around the same price for what we paid for the journey. However, now I’m much older, value my meals and have much more money I would probably take that option. 

Staying in the economy class was thrilling and lively. So many people wanted to have fun, get drunk and make friends. The journey to Amsterdam nearly out beat being in Amsterdam itself. After some heavy drinking, I placed my head on my pillow. Only to wake up hours later wanting to vomit. The seasickness had started to hit me, and the generators were not strong enough. Economy class is below deck, and you could certainly feel the brunt of the boat. Which was safe to say, I had little sleep in the morning.

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The following day, I woke up and departed the ferry at around 9:00 AM. Leaving most of my belongings on board in my cabin. At the port, a coach took us into the main part of the city and explained the time to come back. Due to my lack of sleep,  I decided to get back on it and spend the day, day drinking and smoking.

Like I and most passengers who were undergoing the 6-hour journey, they probably fell straight asleep on the ferry home. All I remember from that journey is boarding the ferry, sleeping and waking up the following day back in North Shields, Newcastle. It had been a fun time away with friends. What actually happened in Amsterdam, well that is for another story.

Get this mode of travel at least once…

However due to my budget and the cheap price it was I had a fantastic time getting the DFDS Seaways Ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam. Depending on the deals and the future flight pricing strategy post COVID I may choose not to get this ferry. As sometimes I’ve also seen flight prices around the same price and only takes an hour to get there.  Given that, I would definitely suggest you get this mode of transport once though. It’s a fun and very different travel experience to the aeroplane. 


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