Specialist Travel Agent Eclipse Travel Interview on Covid-19

One of the biggest sectors in the world. In fact, the wwt mentioned in 2018 it contributed to $8.8 trillion dollars and provided 319 million jobs to the world. However, due to countries being put on lockdown, visa suspensions, social distancing and the constant notification of the corona pandemic, fewer people are choosing to engage in tourism. Tourism professionals are one of the biggest ones taking a hit to their businesses and dreams. This is why a travel interview on covid-19 is vital right now. Some companies are calling it quits, others are seeking funding off the government and others are encouraging domestic tourists. Some people are fortunate to incorporate social distancing and live off their earnings. 

Where some Tourism professionals have an abundance of lives who are relying on them to pay them a living wage. Arguably, in this pandemic, not every travel experts circumstances are the same. Therefore to gain a greater insight I’m running a series on talking with travel experts. Mainly a Travel Interview on Covid-19. So you as travellers and tourism experts have a greater insight to on how things are being operated in this time.

Travel Interview on Covid-19

travel interview on covid-19
Photo Credit : Eclipse Travel

Today, I’m featuring Eclipse Travel. Eclipse Travel are a Tailor-made specialist company who have headquarters in Sydney, Australia and Christchurch, New Zealand. They operate trips to many sought after destinations around the world. Due to their global span and their base in Australia, I was interested in how such a big and highly respected company was operating during this stressful period. Here is what Ben their Marketing Director said:

1.Are you currently running excursions amidst the pandemic?

“We had many customers travelling with us when the pandemic was declared, and many more scheduled to do so over the coming weeks and months. We are currently helping them all with rescheduling their trips and with travel insurance claims where applicable. Unfortunately, with Australia and New Zealand closing borders and air schedules decimated, the possibility for overseas travel for the next couple of months has dried up.

As soon as borders reopen we expect a swift return for the market – we will always offer people the best travel advice we can, however, tell them to see their GP or a travel doctor for medical advice – if they choose to travel we will make it happen for them in the safest way possible”

2.What advice could Eclipse provide to other tourism experts?

“The market will bounce back – we just don’t know when. We all need to work together in the meantime to help each other out in any way possible. The best thing you can do right now is to make sure you customers are safe, you are looking after your staff and you are planning now for when the enquiries start coming in again. Try and use this as an opportunity to learn more about your team, build the culture of your organisation and work together to find the solutions to problems you’ve been putting off. If there is one thing we know about travel it’s that it is a very resilient market.”

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3.What are you doing as a business to survive in this pandemic?

“We have implemented a number of programs to help guide our way through this crisis. A flexible employment policy has been implemented and we have asked staff where they can to take paid and unpaid leave, and sadly we have had to let some team members go. We are also cross-training teams to build greater team awareness in the business. A lack of enquiries means we will have a quiet sales team once they deal with changes & cancellations, so we will be putting their destination expertise to use in the marketing and product departments to ultimately improve our systems.”

Photo Credit: Eclipse Travel

4.What advice can you provide to customers or travellers?

“The greatest piece of advice I would offer is to make the best travel decision based on your own personal circumstance. Don’t feel pressured by others to do things you don’t feel comfortable doing, and always follow the advice of experts you trust. Equally I would urge people to read from a wide range of sources, and to try not to rely on just one media outlet for the ‘truth’ of what is happening. 

We will get past this together – it won’t be easy but ultimately we will be stronger on the other side. In the short term I would encourage everyone who can to think of ways that they can support businesses that are really struggling right now – especially hospitality, retail and of course travel. They need you now more than they ever have before – buy a gift voucher if you can’t use their services now, book something for next year, or just let them know you’re feeling for them.”

Well, there you have it. Thank you, Ben and the team at Eclipse Travel to this insight you’ve provided. As a blogger/traveller I’ve definitely taken home some valuable information from this travel interview on Covid-19. In particular, for me is a gift voucher and the idea of booking something ahead of time. To pump more money into the business. I’m already thinking of ways I can do that to help with local businesses here in Kathmandu. 

For more information about them, you can visit them here on Facebook or Instagram.


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