Consuming Recreational Drugs In Vietnam

Consumption, dealing or handling recreational drugs in Vietnam is a profound criminal offence. Depending on the drug it can lead to a death sentence. I myself thought that I’d never consume any form of the drug in Asia. However, I was persuaded…

One evening, we were going out for dinner. I was utilising the apartments portable speakers getting ready for our last night out as a group of five. Untill, I detected a very heavy thud at the door. I opened the door and there was a policeman with an elderly Vietnamese woman. In they both walked, speaking fast Vietnamese. At the time, all I could focus on was the bag of weed on the coffee table directly in front of them.

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Friends of mine purchased weed in Nha Trang a beach hotspot in Vietnam and transported via sleeper train to our final destination, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Once we got there, we shared an Airbnb to end our trip in style.

That moment, I began to see my life flash before my eyes questioning to myself:

How I would explain myself to my mum if I got arrested, or ended up in jail?

Next, the policeman demanded our passports speaking in Vietnamese. Panicking, I gave them to him and he began taking photos of our I.D. Immediately, I started apologising. Friends became mad because they said I was immediately making everyone look at fault.

A further 10 minutes passed and the two were still engaging in debate. As I did not understand, I decided to contact the Airbnb owner to understand what was happening. I then put the owner on the phone to the policeman. Once the policeman passed my mobile back, the owner had told me that the elderly lady had reported us! She was a neighbour and thought we were immigrants staying illegally! After 5 minutes, they left.

My heart was pounding but I was so relieved as they could have noticed the weed at any given moment. I made my friends dispose of afterwards. What a close call.

I urge readers to take careful consideration if wanting to consume recreational drugs whilst in Asia.


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