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A favourite haunt of mine is Dwarika’s hotel and dining at their fusion bar. Now before I go any further, for those that aren’t aware of Dwarika’s let me give you an insight. This is a prestigious heritage hotel, which has a resort in Dhulikhel, owners of the Kaiser Cafe in Garden of Dreams and Patan Museum Cafe. Initially, the hotel was the first to operate and was established due to the founder Dwarika Das Shrestha’s vision.

Who was Dwarika Das Shrestha?

Dwarika was from the Newar caste group and one day when he was young, he was out jogging and noticed carpenters burning wooden furniture. I wasn’t just any wooden furniture, the furniture burned was incredibly special due to the meticulous carving. In shock, he thought he could not allow this to happen and allow a significant part of his culture to erode.

So, he purchased whatever wood carvings he could afford. After some time, his collection of intricate carvings built up and started restoring them. He wanted to find a way to keep collecting and preserve them. So his wife, Mrs Ambica Shrestha helped set up a hotel displaying the wood carvings. It started off with a small hotel and today now operates over 80 rooms including suites. Unfortunately, Dwarika Das Shrestha passed in 1992. However today, his daughter Sangita and grandson Rene Vijay Shrestha Einhaus have an active role in the hotel.

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Today the hotel still preserves Dwarika’s aim and has been built on his drawings he had intended. It’s number one aim is to protect and preserve the heritage of the Newar community. Therefore, they have restoration in house and only repair seriously damaged items in their workshops. Likewise, they aim to use products from local artisans. Alongside their magnificent hotel is several restaurants.

Krishnarpan Restaurant

Even though I’ve stayed at the resort a few times now, I’ve not stopped at the hotel as I live nearby. What I do love to do, is visit when I can their restaurants in the city. Mainly I dine at their Fusion restaurant in the courtyard which is a mix of continental cuisine. However recently, I dined at their Krishnarpan restaurant and had a delightful six course Nepali meal. 

As always I was guided towards the restaurant by their kind staff and led into the charming yet equally enchanting restaurant. Even though I’ve dined at Dwarika many times I’d never seen any of their restaurants as stunning as this. Immediately as I walked in, my breath was taken away by the gorgeous interior. I had to take my shoes off before I was guided to my table. The moment I entered my remarkable dining experience at Krishnarpan begun. What exactly so great about it?


Throughout my dining experience at Krishnarpan Dwarikas I was served by several waitresses. Each was dressed in authentic Nepali national dress different from each other, no waitress was the same. This made the service so appealing to my eyes and mesmerising to be served by each lovely lady. Likewise, the age of each member of the staff aged varied and seeing the diversity made my experience even more gratifying. Showing Dwarika’s do not discriminate regardless of age. 

Moreover, as each meal was served by each member of staff provided an insight into its origin followed. The serving staff were educated on each dish, the ethnic group it derived from and the region its served. Similarly, if I had any requests they approached me with such enthusiasm, eagerness and a smile. They looked happy to be there and not the fake hospitality you smile you normally witness (trust me I’ve worked in this industry, I know how to spot a fake smile).  


I know, you foodies are probably thinking where are the food posts? Well, here you go. At Krishnarpan you have options to dine from a 6,12 or 22-course meal. Whilst 22 does appeal to me, I chose to go for the 6 courses. Apparently, according to the staff at Dwarikas those who choose the 22-course option apparently go on a walk around the hotel on their 11th, then come sit back down to resume their meal. 

Before I was served any food I was presented with a gorgeous menu on lokta paper. My name was written on the menu alongside the date. I’d never had a customised menu before, I felt very special and that those at Dwarikas had really gone the extra mile to welcome me to Krishnarpan. Now, let me get to the important part of this post, the food! 


Well, all I can say for my starter it was like they knew I was coming. They served me Samay Baji a typical cuisine of Newars. It consisted of chyura (beaten rice), chicken, soya bean, bara and vegetables. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of chyura as I struggle with its dryness. However, due to the way they fried it, it was super tasty! 

Before I could eat, we had to do a small puja (pray) and devote some food to God. So obviously, I chose the chyura. But then later regretted due to how damn tasty it was. 

Second Course 

Next, I was served puri (deep-fried soft flour bread), chyau ko sekuwa (roasted mushroom) and chana ko tarkari (chickpea curry). This was divine and also my favourite.

Third Course 

Following this, I had every Nepalese’s favourite snack, momos (chicken dumplings).

Fourth Course

By this point I was starting to fill up, however, this course was nice and light. It was Bulcha Ko Jhol (roasted beans soup with nuts).

Fifth Course 

The fifth course I had Nepal’s staple meal Dal Baht (rice and lentils). It also consisted of pickles, chicken, spinach and 

Sixth Course

Looking for something to do in Kathmandu? Wanting an authentic dining yet sophisticated experience? Check out Krishnarpan at Dwarikas Hotel.

Samolino pudding- this consisted of yoghurt with honey and fresh fruit.

Overall, as usual, this was a sophisticated experience at Dwarikas and from my perspective their best restaurant they have on the premises. The service was impeccable specialised, food was ambrosial and the atmosphere was blissful. Before departing the restauraunt I was given a gift (a brick associated with prosperity) and a bunch of smiles from the attentive staff wishing me my departure. Krishnarpan is definitely a lavish high-end restaurant with courses ranging from $44+. However, if you’re a foodie, I’d recommend it as the atmosphere, heritage and interior combined make it a worthwhile dining experience. For more information, you can visit here.


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