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What’s your favorite part about traveling? For me, I relish the journey just as much as the destination. Since childhood, I’ve had a keen interest in travel, especially roadside travel. I recall loving stopping off at all the roadside eateries on the side of the highway; those were the most memorable for me. Today the same applies, and I recently had this experience with Himalayan Java Kurintar. 

Why roadside eateries? 

Part of the reason I am interested in roadside eateries is that they’re not your typical go-to joint. When you’re in a city, you tend to become a creature of habit visiting usual haunts or flocking to the newest one only to pull it out in conversation at a cocktail party or dinner to heighten your “cool factor.” 

Yet no matter whatever country you’re in, eateries and bars on the highway have a distinct edge to them you can’t seek in a city. Just think about it.

Many passersby come into this place daily in flocks from families, working professionals, delivery drivers, tour groups, and more. The sheer volume of hungry commuters can trigger an eatery to deliver its niche food at a quick pace and one that caters to all different kinds of people. 

Arguably, they kind of hold a different form of skill set. But not just that, you never know what you’re going to get in terms of food and drink. Plus, the history, setting, and story behind each place are rich in itself; the spontaneity is like exploring a pandora’s box on the side of the road, making long-distance travel more special. 

But, if you’re not that much of an experimental person yourself, perhaps just tired of random food and wanting something comfortable in Nepal, then you’ll want to pass by the well known Nepalese coffee joint,  Himalayan Java Kurintar. 

How to get to Himalayan Java Kurintar? 

If you’re familiar with Nepal, you’ll most likely know where Kurintar is. For those not familiar, it’s around 72km, 3-4 hours by car from Kathmandu by road on the Prithvi Highway. It’s the perfect in-between point between onward travel to Pokhara and Chitwan. Kurintar is a small village in the Chitwan district, home to the lovely Trishuli river. 

On the Privithi highway, Himalayan Java Kurintar is not difficult to spot; it’s above the Mahindra showroom with ample parking. If you’re traveling towards Muglin, it’s on your left, and on the way back to Kathmandu, it’s on your right.

To make sure you don’t miss it, I’d suggest putting Google Maps on your phone.

What’s so special about Himalayan Java Kurintar? 

If you’re like me and love coffee, then Himalayan Java Kurintar is like second lease of energy on the road. Unlike the abundance of coffee joints surging up in Naubise, Java is a brand that you can’t go wrong and a tasty one too. 

Don’t get me wrong, I commend the entrepreneurs setting up the coffee joints in Naibise, but if you want specialty coffee, then Java is a fantastic stopover.

Recently I visited on the way back from travels from Chitwan and was pleasantly surprised. Eager to visit with my inner child like roadside eating excitement, I spent a 45 minute stop over there. 

If you’re a fan of Java in Nepal, then you’ll be pleased to know that the interior, food, and coffee are similar to what you find in the city. It’s like comfort on the road, guaranteeing you hygiene, peace, and relaxation amongst the local eateries you see.


Himalayan Java Kurintar Interior

The interior of Himalayan Java is pretty much similar to the new outlets you find in Kathmandu. It’s white and minimalistic, with subtle yellow, light blue, and grey furniture. Not to mention the plants scattered around the room, bookshelves, and coffee for sale. They also have a separate area where you can hang out indoors if you’re a smoker. 

What I love about this Java is that it incorporates a lot of plug points around the room, which is especially useful if you need to take a client call or catch up with some work on the side of the road. The sheer glass around the space allows a lot of natural light to enter, providing a great wake up call during travel. The space alone allows you to keep your privacy and relax during the break of your long journey in peace. 

Menu of Himalayan Java Kurintar

Menu Himlayan Java Kurintar

Compared to cities, this Himalayan Java is a little bit pricier, and the menu is a bit selective. While it covers all the coffees you can find in the city, the food options you have range from burgers, sandwiches, salads, spaghetti, breakfast dishes, eggs, cakes, and cookies. 

But, in my eyes, that’s still quite a lot if you’re craving a quick continental bite instead of Nepali food. One thing is for sure, I don’t know if they’re catering to tired travellers, but their portion sizes are significantly bigger! 

Final thoughts 

Overall, I’m really impressed with the new Himalayan Java Kurintar. As a confessed coffee addict myself, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air to have during long road travel. Like its neighbors, Barasinghe is putting Kurintar on the map and no doubt playing its part in the local ecosystem. 

If you’re curious like me or want a piece of comfort from the city, then this is a must-visit to stop over, explore and drink coffee from when you’re on the Privthi Highway in Nepal. 


Which district is Kurintar?

Kurinar is a village in the Chitwan district in Southern Nepal. While Kurintar is around 72km from Kathmandu, the district is 107km Northeast of Kathmandu and 97km southwest of Pokhara. 

How far is Kurintar from KTM?

Kurintar is only accessible from Kathmandu by road, which means you have to travel by either bus, car, or bike to reach it. On average, it should take around 3-4 hours by road, depending on traffic, is 72km in distance. 

Which Cable Car is longest in Nepal?

The longest Cable Car in Nepal is the Manakamana Cable Car, and it’s also the first one in the country. This Cable car has been operating since November 24th, 1998, with two stations. 

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