Best Rangoli’s of Tihar in Kathmandu

Every year in Nepal and India around October time it becomes festival season. In India, it’s known as Diwali, Nepal as Tihar and in Sanskrit, it’s known as Deepawali or in English the festival of lights. Whilst both countries festivals have a different duration, they both share a commonality, Laxmi puja. That is worshipping Laxmi the Hindu Goddess of wealth. Both countries dedicate a day to lighting up their homes and businesses aiming to attract the goddess into them to bring wealth for the following year.

Visiting India or Nepal?

If you’re visiting India or Nepal you will notice bright well-lit buildings all over cities. Likewise, on the day of Laxmi puja, they make a rangoli.  A rangoli is a pattern made on the floor consisting of either rice, flour, sand or flower petals. Alongside lights, there is often a trail leading into buildings. This is seen as a way for Laxmi to find herself in. This year in Kathmandu I decided to walk from my house on the northside all the way to the south in Patan covering a lot of distance and a lot of rangolis. 

I was mesmerised by the talent and creativity of the design. Likewise, I wish I only left my house earlier to discover more rangolis. It was certainly a fun-filled day. Here are the best ones I found of 2019:

Visiting Nepal next year? Unsure what to do on the day of Laxmi Puja? I’d recommend to start early and walk from one end of Kathmandu to the other. This way you will get to see the best rangoli’s of Tihar and become alive from magical creativity. Even better, create your own rangoli. If you want to plan your visit in advance of next years Laxmi Puja, you can check the Nepali calendar here (which gives you an option online to translate into English).


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