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During June 2019 I spent 6 nights at The Leela Palace New Delhi Chanakyapuri laying my head to rest in the grand deluxe double room. Now, before I go into the in-depth details of my stay. Let me tell you about, the history of The Leela.

History of The Leela Palace

The Leela is a chain of top hotels across India. It was founded by a Keralan man named CP Krishnan Nair. During his adolescent years, this gentleman joined the Free army and whilst serving there he met a charming lady named Leela. She was the daughter of a prosperous man who was a handloom owner. Later on in the relationship, they married one another. Leela became one of the head honchos in Nair’s business ventures.

During 1951, Krishnan started the Leela Lace which later became a pioneering company of a fabric named ‘the bleeding mandra’s’ which became one of the most desired materials in the USA. Over the years he developed a long list of many clients from the likes of Tommy Hilgfure, Ralph Lauren and Liz Clairborne. You can probably imagine after having famous clients like these that his business became, even more, grander, richer and highly talked about.

This surge of money caused Krishnan to become adjusted to a newfound lavish lifestyle. He was living and being exposed to 5* world-renowned hotels on the regular. Because of this, he became so impressed with the hospitality industry and the way that they served him. He felt he knew the fine nuances of what it took to make an epic luxury hotel.

The Launch of Leela hotels

From there, he launched an empire of renowned hotels within India under The Leela brand. Amongst these amazing hotels, Mr Nair passed the business down to his two sons. The Leela chain hit bankruptcy and was struggling to make a profit causing margins to be ruined. According to moneycontrol The Leela brand operated differently to leading competitors like the Hyatt, Marriott and Intercontinental. As those competitors run on readymade real estate on management contracts.

Yet the Leela management decided to inject their own funds to build new properties. However most of this was done out of pre-existing debt, the high-interest payout on the loans made it difficult to prevent losses. Likewise, the financialexpress mentioned that the assets are due to be bought by a Canadian firm Brookfield.

During my stay, I was not aware of any of this. I shortly later discovered this afterwards. Reflecting upon my experience, it did not show that there was bankruptcy or flaws in the company when I spent time there. The service I received was certainly a five star one of a kind unique tailored experience throughout.  On that note, here is my experience of my stay at The Leela Palace New Delhi:

Airport Pickup

The booking was made via the renowned hotel website I was flying from Kathmandu to Delhi and a few hours before my flight was to take odd I directly messaged the hotel as I forgot to request an airport pickup! I was a bit apprehensive as I did not receive any confirmation from The Leela.

Then, upon arrival into Indira Gandhi International airport, I saw the chauffeur stand there with a beaming smile in impeccably dressed smart clothes with a sign advertising My partner and I’s names. He greeted us humbly with a strong handshake and lead us out of the airport. He was insistent he took our luggage. The exit was smooth and swift which lead us out of the VIP section! The gentleman said the VIP exit was only available exclusively to the guests of The Leela. No other hotel could use it. Well, it was safe to say we were quickly on our way!

After living in Nepal for a year I was accustomed to the busy roads. However, what took me back was being seated in a BMW. The reason being is cars like that here are non-existent as such as the importation tax into a land-locked country like Nepal are extremely high. However, it was normal for my home country the U.K. I’d been previously used to riding in that kind of cars as my mum has owned a few models of BMW cars in her time.

As of sitting down in the car, I immediately got that feeling of luxury. Stunning sunken brown leather seats with water in the middle on the back armrest. The water was labelled The Leela, they had their own brand of water! The driver informed us there was wifi in the car and in front of us there was two flat-screen TV’s. Our journey from the airport to the hotel was only around about a 45-minute duration due to traffic so we didn’t feel the need to exhaust those services.

Arriving At The Leela Palace New Delhi

Upon exiting the car (I didn’t need to open my door) I was greeted by several staff in uniform who were impeccably dressed. Immediately my bags were taken and I did not feel under pressure to give them a tip. Before being led into the foyer we had to go through security. I’d never had felt so safe and protected in a hotel before.

First I walked through a scanner. As well as my bags placed on a conveyer belt (being scanned). Then I got greeted by a friendly female security guard who patted me down in a private area. Upon entering the foyer all the staff immediately knew who we were.

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Within five minutes we were given our room key and escorted to our room by the head butler. I remember walking through the pristine marble floor and the glistening chandeliers twinkling from above everywhere I walked.

Lift Leela

We were lead up into a glamorous lift with chandeliers and wooden interior. I’ve never enjoyed a lift journey so much. Upon exiting onto the third floor I noticed beautiful brown and blue velvet carpet and white doors. It was just so stunning.

Hallway 2 Leela Palace

The Hotel Room

The head butler led first and opened our door with a simple wave of the room key. In I walked onto a gorgeous white marble floor leading down an elongated corridor. With gorgeous white walls and ceilings giving it to me a European feel.

The Leela Palace New Delhi room corridor
Corridor in bedroom

She gave us a tour showing us how to work certain devices such as the A.C., what numbers to call for help and the minibar etc. After her instructions, she gave us her business card to request her if any problems. This instantly gave me great insight into the phenomenal Indian hospitality that I was about to witness.

Bedroom Leela Palace New Delhi

The bedroom inside had spectacular carpets and it was so nice to feel the softness against my bare feet. The bed was gigantic with posts, gorgeous runners and maximum comfort! I’d like to also mention the pillows. Now, this was a first.

I once did not have any problems with the pillows as I sunk into the bed at The Leela Palace New Delhi with the best nights sleep I’d had in about six months. Which was rare for me as I don’t sleep well normally. If you’re not a fan of the pillows they also have a pillow menu!

The Leela Palace New Delhi Pillow Menu

This menu had several different options of pillows with descriptions underneath. All you needed to do was ring the butler allocated to your floor who would provide you with them!

Chair in Leela
More of the bedroom.

The windows of the room were magnificent which were floor to ceiling! This overlooked onto the palaces attractive looking garden and their restaurant, The Qube.

Garden Leela
The View the Room Looked Onto.

Positioned in the middle of the well-kept garden was a gorgeous pond and a marbled sculpture. Which at night the statued opened and candles were lit from its mouth. As well as candles put on the pond. Making your window so stunning to look out from during the evening.

The Gift I Received.

Daily in the bedroom, variations of cookies and fruits were given on fine trays. A large number of teas and coffees to have in the room and silverware. As well as many bottles of Kinley water.


Mirror Bathroom Bedroom

The bathroom was my favourite feature of the room. As you walk in, there’s double sinks and a large gorgeous mirror with a royal golden frame around it. The marble sinks gave my partner and I adequate space to do our business in the morning. Likewise, the bath was so big and deep! After living in my apartment in Nepal for 6 months without a bath only a shower, words can’t describe how excited I was to have a good soak!

Bath tub

It got better than that though, above the taps of the bath was a tv built into the mirror! Extremely elegant and fancy. Hanging above the royal bath was two bathrobes with The Leela logo embroidered onto them. Opposite the bathtub was a toilet and a shower. Both with open doors (no lock) frosted over for privacy).

The walls were of a beige colour. As well as delicately folded towels underneath the sink. The toiletries were endless, large quantities of shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, moisturisers and razors. Not small sizes either big samples.

For each day I stayed there, in fact, it was the first time I’d experienced this in a hotel. I had room service attend to my room twice a day to clean it! A morning and evening service. Truly remarkable. One day I was even gifted a scented candle and roses from cleaners.

Each member of staff greeted me finely making sure they could be at my service somehow. Likewise, each one gave me their business card so they could be held accountable for their service and yet help whatever way they could.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Leela Palace

One of the most grandest parts of the hotel for me was its swimming pool located on the top floor. As you walk out of the lift, then lobby onto the rooftop there is a waiter who immediately provides you with water to keep you hydrated.

Pool Area Leela

Then as you walk out, there’s a round table with seats hidden in the shade, sun loungers with parasols and the best part the pool. This pool is an infinity pool overlooking onto Delhi. On one side of the pool is a gorgeous wall with the finest natural greenery giving you a refreshing feel. On the right side is golden artwork fitted in between the brick walls.

Shower Pool Area

There was an outdoor shower with a golden head, shrubs around it with gorgeous pink flowers. As well a carefully sculpted backdrop.I definitely felt like a queen of a palace sat on the roof overlooking the skyline. If it wasn’t for the 41-degree heat I would have definitely spent more time here!

The Lobby

This magnificent open space displayed two dramatic eye-catching chandeliers. As well as beautiful rugs, decedent furniture and ultimate relaxation. I only sat here a couple of times, but I wish I got a coffee and a book to read to enjoy this environment.


Qube Leela Palace

When you stay at The Leela Palace New Delhi your breakfast is included with your stay. The breakfast time ranges from 6:30AM-10: 30 AM. This restaurant later serves lunch and then dinner in the evening. Upon arrival into the Qube, you notice the panorama views as the windows are all glass floor to ceiling. Giving you the impression you’re sat in a cube.

I’m a massive foodie and this restaurant certainly did not disappoint. At breakfast, it’s a buffet self serve option. However, the food options were endless and catered to many different forms of cuisines. Hot foods such as bacon, chicken sausages, pork sausages, beans, poached eggs, hash browns and many others. Indian foods such as rotis, chaana dal and aloo paratha. Likewise endless amounts of fruits, cereals, breads and pastries.

I had reached nirvana.

Lunchtime was slightly similar, they also hosted a buffet option. If you didn’t wish to have the buffet they also had an a la carte option! Now I chose A la carte but my partner wanted mussels which they did not have on the menu. Asking about it, the waiter put us in contact with the head chef. Who prepared mussels to our request even though it was not on the menu!

The Service

Many staff irrespective of them being cleaners, receptionists, butlers, security guards or anything else really provided extraordinary service. If you asked an employee for a specific item or had a request even if it was not relevant to them they went out their way to serve you! Whether if they passed the information on to the right person or held themselves accountable for your request the job always got promptly and efficiently done! No single person responded back to me indicating it wasn’t in their skill set or their job role. Everyone held themselves personally accountable by supplying you with a business card of their details!

Macaroon on Bed

My Final Opinion on The Leela Palace New Delhi

Throughout this whole stay, I did not use every facility available to me as a guest at The Leela Palace. For example, I didn’t experience their spa, Japanese restaurant Megu or the library bar! However, I did visit other restaurants such as Jamavar and Le Cirque. Which you can read about separately.

Likewise, as mentioned earlier in this post I did not know this firm had gone bankrupt. The consistency and the service provided by all staff was above and beyond! It did not shine that their jobs could be at risk or that the business wasn’t operating successfully! I can now see why Indian hospitality gets such a fantastic reputation. Each member of staff provided me with a service tailored to my own needs and can see why it’s the top hotel in Delhi. I cannot wait to return back and I eagerly await my next stay at this exquisite former palace.

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