Being Harassed In Egypt As A Female

The last family holiday I went on as a teenager I got harassed in Egypt. I recall being so thrilled to visit an exotic destination in comparison to other holidays I’d been on. At age fifteen I’d never expected my mum to have chosen a holiday to Egypt. So, as you could imagine I was extremely eager to start my Autumn school break and fly far away from England.

Amongst those who were travelling were my brother, sister, mum, a family friend and her child. We flew during the October school holidays. I did not know what to expect. I was also excited as I’d just gotten a taste for alcohol so I was wondering how much I could pull my mum’s arm on this holiday. It took us a five-hour flight to reach the Egyptian city know as Sharm El Sheikh. As we departed the plane, the airport was utter chaos. 

Arriving Into Egypt

I remember waiting in line peeking up at the intimidating immigration officials pounding their entrance stamps into tourists passports. When it came to our turn, I flashed my new smile at them (I just had my braces removed). They did not even acknowledge me back they just grunted at us to proceed to collect our luggage.

We collected our luggage and jumped on the bus that took us to our hotel. The resort was gigantic it even had its own waterpark inside the complex! It was also an all-inclusive facility. This is where it came into place, I pretended I was over 18 and got given an adult wristband. Looking back, I don’t know how they mistook me as an adult. 

Dining At The Hotel

That evening I had my first glimpse of what was to come for the rest of the holiday. We ate dinner at the hotel which every night had a different buffet serving many cuisines. One part of the buffet had a meat section. That night they were serving duck. My mum went first and they cut a really minute piece of duck for her. She was livid. 

Next up in the queue was me. I politely asked for a portion of duck to go alongside my food I’d selected from the buffet. The chef replied, “Anything for you my beautiful.” Literally, what was about to happen next I did not expect. He took my plate and deposited a full duck onto my plate.


I mean, it’s a great gesture to woo a woman especially someone like I who loves food. However, it was really inappropriate for a middle-aged man to do that to a fifteen-year-old. As if I was really going to eat it all? I think my mum was in shock too.

The next few days we hung by the swimming pools. Until the hotel photographer took a liking to me asking my name. He discovered it by my sister telling him. He then decided to call me Angelina every time he seen me. It got so embarrassing that he would shout my name from the other side of the hotel pool when it was extremely busy. One night I caught him taking pictures of my behind and zooming in for his personal benefit, again harassed in Egypt.

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Similarly, one night we were about to go out as a family. Well, you wouldn’t believe it another member of staff confessed their undying love for me. I was repulsed. The photographer made a proposal to my mum if he could marry me. My mum is quite strong-minded and would have never accepted.

However, I wanted to hear it anyways. The hotel photographer begged with my mum for ten minutes offering her a whopping 25 camels in exchange for me! In response, my mum in her usual sharp wit advised, that number needed to be quadrupled for even a tiny bit of consideration. He walked away sheepishly.

Nama Bay

That evening we went out to Nama Bay a well-known tourist hub. Here I encountered another collection of local fans. I was looking at some sunglasses and one local politely told me he fancied me. Just as about to declare I was a minor he ran away with embarrassment. That night another man told me “He wanted my white milk milk”. Well, that was the final nail in the coffin. My mum made us all cut the night short to return home after being again harassed in Egypt.

The following day, we hit up the beach. Everyone decided to go snorkelling at the end of the pier. Whilst my younger brother and I sunbathed on the beach. It had got to the point I was so fed up with creepy attention from locals I could not make eye contact with anyone I kept my head down to the floor. So, there we were basking in the Egyptian heat. Until I sensed a man another hotel worker hovering around our sunbeds. He started chatting to my brother who was twelve at the time.

Immediately, I got up and went to the hotel bar to get a round of fizzy drinks in to avoid the situation in Egypt. Luckily, when I’d returned he’d gone. I questioned my brother about what he was saying. My brother responded and he’d asked if my brother was my boyfriend. When he declared that he was my brother. He asked my brother a twelve-year-old for his permission to marry me! I was in shock. In what sense was it acceptable to ask twelve-year-old permission and at the same time be attracted to a fifteen-year-old?

That holiday left me in so much shock towards the end of it I couldn’t go anywhere without holding my mum’s hand. A teenager shouldn’t have to feel intimated or harassed in Egypt. I’m not saying Egypt is bad however if you or have children that are fair-skinned with blonde hair like I take caution. Yet this trip wasn’t all a waste as it did teach me some valuable life lessons for when I travelled the world later on my own. 

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