7 TV Series to Travel Around the World in 2020

Bored? Has lockdown gotten to your head? Do you miss spreading your wings? What countries had you planned to visit? If you’re like I you may be itching to get back out there and travel. However, I feel it’ll take a good year or so before travel resumes back to ‘normal.’ Which can be incredibly frustrating for us Nomads stuck in the same place, for a good month and a half.

Nevertheless, let’s look at the positives we’re alive and have an abundance of time on our hands to dedicate to learning about travel. One particular way to feed our travel bug is by watching tv-series and documentaries. Over the past five years, I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and series to fuel my wanderlust and add to my inspiration. I hope these work the same for you too, here are 7 TV Series to Travel Around the World in 2020.


My go-to series of all time is Departures. Justin, Scott and Andre quit their jobs to go travelling around the world. While the series is maybe 12 years old, it’s timeless. These guys venture to some offbeat areas across the globe such as Libya, Ethiopia, Cook Islands, Ascension Island and many more. Scott’s knowledge, Justin’s jokes and Andre’s talent makes it a three-season series to remember.

The moment the intro kicks in, flashing to different countries starts your kick of travel inspiration. Out of all the travel series I’ve seen so far, it’s made me feel if they can do it, I can. Unfortunately, once I finished it, I became melancholic as I just wanted more from them. However, eversince I have kept venturing back to the series, it’s magnificent.

2.An Idiot Abroad

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their friend Karl Pilkington abroad. Karl Pilkington is an Englishman from Manchester who has never travelled until this series. In fact, he hates travelling, and the two comics push Pilkington to his extreme. They challenge him, enduring him to live in difficult situations and experiences different from the average traveller. An Idiot Abroad is one of the funniest travel TV series I’ve ever witnessed.

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3.The Real Marigold Hotel

An ideal series which shows travel can be for all ages. Former celebrities who have hit the retirement stage in their lives travel to places like India, Cuba, Iceland and many more. It’s bound to give you a good chuckle, as they set a real example of there is no age limit to travel.

All of them on The Real Marigold Hotel undergo activities which are different from the standard tourist. They particularly look and provide thoughts on retirement options to those destinations. Don’t worry, if you’re not at the retirement age, it’s still a great and insightful watch.

4.Tales by Light

Travel the world through a photographers perspective. The episodes in this series are around 20-30 minutes long and take you up close. Notably, Tales by Light films nature and ecology. The photographers of this series work for National Geographic and Cannon. It’s fantastic if you love to travel and photography combined.

5.Street Food

A Netflix Series, which features different parts of Asia and its street food vendors. Lots of these street food vendors are popular within their communities. Some have Michelin stars, and world chefs flock to their stalls. The pure love and passion make me itch to travel to some countries even more. Street food is essential to travel in Asia, and these series makes you feel like you’re right there.

6.Travel Man

A comedian I love Richard Ayoade, and his British wit spends 48 hours in cities on this series. He takes guests, shows useful travel gadgets and ways to explore on a budget. It’s full of humour yet also informative for travel planning. To date, there are over nine series of Travel Man, and it has won a few awards for it being a factual programme.

7.Rick Stein’s Long Weekends

The excellent chef Rick Stein travels to well-known parts of Europe. He takes you to countries on a foodies tour. Rick shows you how to avoid tourist traps and unique restaurants, bars and cafes to dine in. Following this, he chooses the top three dishes from each place and then provides recipes on how to make at home.

There you go, here are 7 TV Series to Travel Around the World in 2020. If you have any more recommendations, comment down below.


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