6 Best Places To Visit in Lausanne

Looking for a weekend break or wanting to travel to Europe? One of the countries you should place on your radar is the alluring and breathtaking destination of Switzerland. Whilst most tourists opt to visit the well-known cities of the likes of Zurich, Geneva, Bern, Lucerne and Montreaux; I’d recommend as a visitor you should visit the less popular yet happening city of Lausanne. 

Only a 40-minute scenic train journey from the lavish city of Geneva is the French-speaking Swiss metropolis. It’s a cosy scenic city overlooking the mesmerising Lake Geneva and is the second largest on the lake. Lausanne belongs to the region of Vaud, hence why the majority of the locals speak French as a first language. If you have interests in architecture, waffles, pancakes, art galleries and sport then it’s a must-visit destination.

This offers the glamour and prestige of its neighbour Geneva combined with an urban fuse. Making it a weekend break for various forms of traveller. Whilst venturing from each attraction or activity you will be hypnotised by the magnetizing views of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and the Swiss Alps.

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Does Lausanne sound dreamy enough for your wanderlust yet? If yes read on and if no read on so I can persuade you of the best 6 places to visit in Lausanne. 

6 Best Places to Visit in Lausanne 

1) Swiss Wine by Fassbind

Let’s start with hotels. Lausanne is known for its charming gothic architecture. Last time I was there I stayed in a three-star hotel known as Swiss Wine. This is directly in the centre and the name originates from its niche swiss wine boutique in its basement. The inside of this building on the contrary to its grand archaic outside is extremely modern. As well as their external facilities such as its restaurants and bars. I know, you’re probably thinking what’s so great about a hotel?

Well, if you get a room with a street view or simply dine in its uber-chic restaurant there is a conservatory hosting unparalleled views of the city, Lac Leman and the Alps. It’s modern and affordable for the many types of traveller.

2) The Olympic Museum

Yes, that’s right, a museum which honours the Olympics. It opened in 1993 and the city is where official Olympic headquarters are housed. This is an ultimate destination for sports lovers as the museum covers its history. As well as over 10,000 iconic artefacts. Each year over 250,000 visitors come to visit this museum. 

3) Le Flon 

Le Flon is the ultimate alternative area in Lausanne for you culture vultures. Be drawn into commissioned street pieces as well as illegal street art. Likewise, be impressed by its modern take on architecture buzzing with creative young souls. Don’t be surprised if you find skaters or bikers taking to the streets to compete for coolness. 

4) Ouchy 

One of the highlights of Lausanne, a gorgeous and scenic lakeport. If you’re a runner, grab your gear and take a run along its long promenade. No matter what time of year you visit it’s a rejuvenating place. On the other side of the lake surrounds luscious green gardens. Whilst down there, we recommend you fuel yourself at a local pancake or waffle house you won’t be disappointed. 

5) Lausanne Cathedral 

An iconic gothic cathedral is one of the pinnacles of this city and built in the 12th century. You can buy a ticket to get inside and a further one to climb the bell tower. Trust me, it’s worth the view! Plus it’s right next to the Swiss Wine hotel.

6) Le Baron Tavernier- Chexbres 

Not exactly Lausanne, but a 30-45 minute journey on a local train to the village of Chexbres. If you’re wanting good views of Lac Leman this is the ultimate destination to go. It’s a resort which you can stay at but also operates as a good daytime lunch spot. Especially if you go on a clear day and dine at its Le Deck bar which provides mesmerising views. A wonderful place to unwind and relax in the fresh clean swiss air.

Interested in these places to visit in Lausanne? Check out more things do here from Lausanne’s official tourism site.

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