The 5 Top Game of Thrones Malta Filming Locations

Malta is an alluring island country off the coast of the mediterranean sea. Its culture is diverse due to it being ruled by many the French and the British to name a few. It was an important base in World War II and was awarded the George cross due to the bravery of the Maltese during the war. It officially lost British rule during 1974 becoming a republic. However, today you can still see influence drew from its previous rulers and mix of nationalities, which has contributed to a rich identity of the Maltese today. This spirals into their cuisine, mindsets and architecture. 

Malta is a popular tourist destination and according to Maltachamber during 2018 the country witnessed 2.6 million tourists. People travel to Malta for many reasons such as the sun, food, architecture, music festivals and history. It’s a charming destination appealing to various forms of holiday goer. However, in the past four years, it’s become more popular for other purposes. 


Did you know HBO recorded some episodes of its world-renowned series Game of Thrones in Malta?

If you’re a fan, the truth be told a large quantity of season one was filmed there. There’s controversy that the filming crew spoilt a local site and the Maltese government did not want them to return.

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I visited Malta for a music festival lost and found. It wasn’t until my free time exploring the island that I soon discovered that certain historic hotspots were familiar to ones I’d seen on the TV. If you have time constraints I recommend you hire a rental car whereas if time is in your favour you can simply use the local bus. Which is what I did. Enough of travel info lets cut to the chase.

So, what are the 5 top Game of Thrones Malta filming locations? 

1) Mdina Gate

This is the old capital of Malta and as per VisitMalta dates back over 4000 years. Whilst I was here I could certainly sense that by the well maintained and delicate former walled city. You could tell it had a royal former presence and see why it’s often referred to as ‘the silent city’. 

Where did HBO shoot here? Well, the gate of Mdina is featured on season one episode three. It’s titled “Lord Snow” It’s most renowned when Catherine Stark arrives at Kings Landing. 

2) Mdina Mesquita Square 

As you enter through the gate and into the square you will soon come to realise that this is the location of season one of kings landing. This area has been the centre of many fight scenes during season one. If you’re lucky you may be able to locate the door to Little Finger brothel.

3) Gozo- The Azure Window

A further island just a ninety-minute ferry journey from Malta leads you to Gozo. It had a 30-foot rock formation most known for famous scene where Khal Drogo marries Daenerys Targaryan. I feel lucky that I got to witness in its full form as the sunset on the charming coast of Gozo. Unfortunately, due to a storm in 2017, it caused the whole window to collapse into the sea!

4) Fort Ricasoli – Valletta

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. It’s absolutely gorgeous and here you can see its Roman Catholic influence. The capital is home to many kings landing scenes. It’s mesmerising. One famous place you can get great vies of is the Grand Harbour in Karkala. Here overlooking Fort Ricasoli you can see the gate of Kings Landing. 

5) Mthaleb Cliffs

These Maltese cliffs appeared on some Dothraki scenes. Likewise when Khaleesi rose from the fire and flames with her dragons.

There you have it, the top five game of thrones Malta filming locations. Have you visited any of these or would like to visit? Comment below 

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