24 Hours at Mum’s Garden Resort Pokhara

On a mid-Saturday, sunny afternoon in Pokhara I checked in to an eco-lodge nearby the lakeside in Pokhara. This quaint and charming boutique destination is called Mum’s Garden Resort. As I arrived at the resort, I noticed the cosy home-like stone walls. It turned out all the stones were hand-cut on the property, immediately giving me the impression this place was made with love by local hands. As I walked into the entrance, I met a charming Nepalese woman on reception who greeted me. She wanted to make sure I felt at home and offered me twice a tea or coffee! 

Checking In at Mum’s Garden Resort

Entrance to my room.

Afterwards, she gave me my key, wifi details and another member of staff lead me to my room. After walking up a few stairs, I opened the door with a lovely wooden key and walked into my accommodation. I walked into a cosy bedroom and felt right at home immediately. The floor was all stone, and most of the furniture was wooden. 

I could tell of natural, human-made furniture was in here. Hand made authentic rugs I noticed were on the bedroom floor, which derived from Jumla. The midwestern region of Nepal. Similarly, most of the mats on the tables were made in the Terai region. 


While scanning the room for the first time, I also spotted delightful lokta paper made lampshades. For those that don’t know what lokta is, it’s a wild and handcrafted paper native Nepal. Cut from the Lokta bush and the inner bark is pulled into strips and then baked into a mash like substance. Then it’s laid out in the sun to dry, forming a paper. This paper used to produce many objects from notebooks to lampshades (featured in Mums Garden Resort Pokhara). 

Lokta Paper

Afternoon at Mum’s Garden Resort

Late afternoon, I sat down in my bedroom to commence some work. Doing this, I parked myself into the bet wooden chair and relaxed right into it. Not to mention, how relaxed my feet became sinking into the ridiculously comfortable hemp slippers (also hand made in Eastern Nepal). I paused for a second, to hear the birds chirping and tweeting in the surrounding greenery outside. 


To digest my surroundings properly, I stepped outside onto the large balcony my room had, which overlooked luscious green trees and an organic garden. Having stayed in quite a few places in Pokhara previously, this resort was quite different.

Due to the peaceful environment and cleanliness of the property, it did not feel like I was staying in a tourist destination, which is vital for a property in Pokhara, as nowadays there is an abundance of infrastructure which makes you feel like you’re staying on a building site. Mums Garden Resort Pokhara did an excellent job at creating a resort with a feeling of seclusion and peace.

The Booklet!

Taking a break from my work, I peered around my bedroom, which got me to stumble across a booklet. Inside the booklet was a bunch of valuable materials. One was a map of Pokhara, and the other was a leaflet about guest services. I felt it was great to have them showcase their tours, to save guests the hassle of finding an external tour operator. 


Bed in Bedroom

After some unwinding by the lakeside, I returned to my bedroom for the evening what I remember being surprised by how warm the room was during the winter season. 

After some time chilling by the lakeside, I returned to my room for the evening. What surprised me was how warm the place was for the winter season! I don’t know if it was the way they designed the room because it was very well insulated. 

Similarly, the double bed I spent the night in was so comfortable I slept like a log. Usually, on nighttime, I have disrupted sleep. Due to the snug bedding, I didn’t wake up once. Likewise, due to the season, they provided me with extra-thick woollen blankets. 

Waking Up…

Balcony in Bedroom

The following day, I woke up around 8:00 AM. Birds chirping and tweeting served as a natural wake up call. Sunlight fell into my room through a high triangular window. I felt so relaxed and at one with myself ready to start my day.

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Next, I proceeded, downstairs for breakfast. I chose to sit down outside as the sun shined on the courtyard. There were quite a few options regarding a continental breakfast; I decided to have chicken sausage, masala omelette, toast, butter, jam and coffee. 


Within 20 minutes, my breakfast was served immediately and arrived at my table. A helpful member came and delivered it to me. It was tasty omelette full of vegetables and a little bit of spice. Here I felt relaxed and ready to start my morning. 


I returned to my room and enjoyed an excellent coffee, resting my mug on the mat. It was an elephant grass mat made in Janakpur. 

Freshly Grown Food

Later on that day, I’d soon come to realise that all of the food they prepared at Mum’s Garde Resort Pokhara was organic. Most of the vegetables they grew themselves, or they were locally sourced such as the meat. Deepak owner, he made me try a soothing and satisfying lemongrass tea, which was freshly brewed from their garden around the resort. 

I also enquired to Deepak about the wooden furniture used at the resort. Plus I felt like most of the furniture at Mum’s Garden Resort Pokhara had a story behind it. Which it did, he told me the wooden furniture was all made in Nepal. Most of the furniture in the lounge, dining area and some in the room was sissoo wood — all made by local carpenters from Pokhara.

Likewise, the chairs that were inside the bedroom came from the Terai, east of Nepal — allowing for an authentic yet homely feel. 

Chatting To the Owner…

After a couple of cups of delicious lemongrass tea, I continued chatting to Deepak. He showed me around the resort. To the point where they have their bees! They have two beehives, where they kept their bees and produced fresh organic honey. Unfortunately, as it was winter season, I couldn’t see bees as it wasn’t the right time for them to pollinate. 

Beekeeping area

Later I was shown around more of the area of the garden, where I discovered more plants growing on the property such as mint — leftover food they use as compost and fertilise their ingredients to go back into their soil.


Finally, If you’re bored looking for something to do, in the lobby they have a bookshelf with a range of fiction and non-fiction books to borrow during your stay. Similarly, Mum’s Garden resort in Pokhara organises their tours, to Sarangkot or even activities by the lakeside. 

My Opinion Overall

Having stayed in many different forms of accommodation in Pokhara, staying at Mum’s GardenMum’ Resort was like a breath of fresh air. It was a non-commercial resort in comparison to its competitors in Pokhara. The owner and staff were incredibly friendly, caring and humble, making you feel at home. The resort is so peaceful and great to relax in if you’re tired you’re trekking, drinking, dining or any other experience. Moreover, the bed was one of the comfiest I’ve stayed I’ Pokhara also. 

Breakfast was tasty and what I liked in comparison to other resorts, is that I was allowed me to take my time, even though there was a cut off time for breakfast not once was I rushed by the staff at all. The same applied to check out of the resort, it was a relaxed approach, and you could take your time to depart.

My Recommendation to Mum’s Garden Resort


However, one recommendation I have for Mum’s Garden Resort, is that it has a lot of eco-friendly systems in place. There is so much history in the resort, authentic furniture and unique stories deriving from the furniture and how the resort runs. I think that for each room inside their should be information about the resort how it’s eco-friendly and what strategies they have in place. If I hadn’t lived for a couple of years in Nepal, I would have never had known about the locally made furniture. Similarly, about the recycling schemes in place or their organic garden/beekeeping. These are strengths of the property, which should be played on. Nowadays, there are so many conscious travellers wanting to travel reducing their environmental footprint, and this is a resort which incorporates that. 

Nevertheless, it was a peaceful stay and a comfortable one too. Perhaps the comfiest I’ve stayed ever in Pokhara. I didn’t feel did cap to specific times; the staff amongst the resort were incredibly relaxed and made me feel welcome. When returning late from dining by the lakeside, I walked right into my resort. Sometimes, when returning to a hotel, you have to wake the staff up to enter, feeling guilty in the process. However, this wasn’t the case with Mum’s Garden. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and definitely will consider it as a place to stay when I’m next in Pokhara. For more information you can also check out their facebook page here.


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