24 Hours at Hotel Karuna Pokhara

Last month I spent 24 hours at the eccentric Hotel Karuna next to the lakeside in Pokhara. Living in Kathmandu, I’d heard a lot of hype about the eco-hotel Karuna and its facilities, so I stayed to see if it lived up to my expectations. Did it live up to my expectations? Here is my review of my stay at Hotel Karuna Pokhara.


If you’re visiting Pokhara, you’ll likely be spoilt for choice when booking. Questions may arise in your mind, such as do I stay in a hotel, resort, hostel or homestay? One thing I’d say to you is definitely to check if the place you visit is next to the lakeside. There’s so much there from shops, cafes and bars it’s worth being near to. Which is why I became surprised at how close Hotel Karuna was, it was only a 5-minute stroll from the main street.

As I came on foot, I didn’t need to park anywhere. However, before I entered the hotel, I was stunned at the car parking space available. Likewise, how big the hotel was and kind it was on the eyes. Following this, I walked into a vibrant lobby full of colourful furniture. To the right was comfy sofas with coloured cushions—moreover, a Kar.maCOFFEE book showcasing about Kar.ma’s history, products and living section. 

I was even more delighted to find Kar.maLIVING products and Kar.maCOFFEE on sale. Immediately, I was won over as they served Kar.maCOFFEE drip medium and dark roast. They had a board indicating about Kar.ma and even instructions if you wanted to use the drip yourself! So cool.

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Moving to the reception desk, I was greeted by two friendly workers (whom I can’t remember their name). I was slightly ahead of time; however that was not a problem for them, as they allowed me to check into my room early!

Bedroom in Hotel Karuna Pokhara 

The accommodation I was staying in was a standard room, which usually ranges from $40 per night. Stepping into my room, one specific I liked about the interior was its funky flooring. The room had intriguing flooring, providing a quirky aspect. As I walked in further, I noticed a towel on the bed and above it Kar.maCOFFEE soap. This soap bar doubled up as a shampoo bar which has been infused by coffee. What I love is the fact, that they gave me this as a guest to use as opposed to using shampoo/conditioner bottles—minimising on the amount of plastic usage throughout the hotel.

About minimal plastic usage, they didn’t provide any water in the room. Another unique eco-friendly aspect was that they offered a glass jar with two glasses. Next to it was a sign indicating water usage. On each floor in the hall, there’s a water tank where you go up and fill your jar if you’re thirsty. I loved the concept and thought it was a brilliant idea to reduce so much plastic and water consumption. To be honest, I’d have massive respect if more hotels followed suit from this example!

The room had a television, safe, chairs, bed and coffee amenities. Similarly a balcony too! Also, it had splendid blue curtains and neutral beige coloured cushions. Unlike Hotel Karuna’s vibrant lobby, this room was comfortable and relaxing on the eyes. Moreover, the shower was lovely and warm.


The following morning I had to leave early due to my return bus back to Kathmandu. Breakfast at Hotel Karuna Pokhara was served from 6:30 AM. As I was the only one down that early for breakfast, I started chatting to one of the staff members Bipek. Whom was incredibly warm, friendly and was happy to help. He served me a medium roast cup of Kar.ma and offered me breakfast.

There was so much variety to have with breakfast! They served fruit, but more importantly, tasty waffles! Which was a novelty in itself. By far one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a hotel in Pokhara, and it was included in the rate. Following my breakfast, I had to depart and say goodbye to Bipek and Hotel Karuna Pokhara!

Overall Opinion

Unfortunately, I didn’t check out its rooftop which has been renowned for its gorgeous views of the lake and mountains. However, next time I definitely will return to Hotel Karuna and Pokhara to check it out as the stay was one of the best I’ve had in Pokhara. What I enjoyed was how much they’d paid attention to the details, caring about the environment and also providing rooms with just the essentials. Yet doing it so effectively making the hotel look rather stylish. My favourite thing about Hotel Karuna Pokhara is the staff, every member of staff I met cared and had a clear focus centred around me a guest.

I already can’t wait to visit next time to chat again to the team at Hotel Karuna Pokhara. Moreover, the breakfast was so scrumptiously paired with a cup of Kar.ma. Personally, the room rates I feel are well worth the money for the service and breakfast provided. Therefore, does Hotel Karuna Pokhara live up to the hype I’d heard of? YES. I cannot wait to visit again, if you’re visiting in Pokhara you should check out it. Visit Hotel Karuna’s site here.


    1. I definitely think it sets the standard. However I’m concerned about the survival of this great hotel due to the current pandemic though!x

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