15 Simple Asian Dishes To Crave

What is your favourite continent to travel to? Let’s take it a step further, what is your favourite continent to eat on? Or even your favourite continental cuisine to feast on? Mine hands down is Asian cuisine. It’s safe to say, I have a fascination with Asia and have done since I was a child. I’m lucky to be typing this blog post from an ASIAN country I’m living in Nepal. I’m not trying to rub it in, or anything. The continent and cuisine are so diverse, which originates from 48 countries. Therefore, you can’t get bored with Asian food.

Obviously, right now we’re all facing significant ups and downs due to the ongoing pandemic of Corona Virus. Wanderlust is turning into wander frustration because we are all restricted and confined to our homes. To be honest, we’re probably craving more outside food than usual as our minds are wandering about a lifestyle we used to live. Well, let’s not be negative here and just because we can’t go outside does not stop us from bringing the outside in. Therefore, maybe you just don’t know it yet. However, today I’m going to present to you 15 Asian Dishes you Crave. Which hopefully you can make at home.

Asian Dishes to Crave


I’m sure you know of Ramen, if not it’s a Japanese noodle dish. It consists of Chinese wheat noodles, broth, soy sauce, miso, vegetables and meat (if you wish). However, at home, if you don’t have wheat noodles, you can substitute for instant noodles. Consuming Ramen has been shown to have many health benefits such as vitamin B and iron if you’re eating them with other vegetables. Ramen is perfect for a hearty meal and aesthetically pleasing to look at too. Whether you’re a meat-eater, you can find a simple recipe here or a vegetarian you can click here.

2.Roti and Dal

The mouthwatering flatbread Roti derives from the Indian subcontinent. You’ve most likely had it at your local Indians before, and it’s scrumptious to dip in any curry. A roti on its own is a marvellous source of fibre and reduces cholesterol levels and provides you with energy for hours. Not to mention it’s tasty too! Personally, I love eating several rotis with dal. Dal being a lentil dish packed full of nutrients is super easy to make. Depending on your lentils and beans, you can make different versions of Dal. To make Roti check out here and Dal visit here.

3)Bánh mì

When I was travelling around Vietnam, this was without a doubt one of my favourite foods I had. In fact, I’d often purchase two Bánh mì’s at once because they were just that damn tasty. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a Vietnamese style sandwich. However, it’s a crunchy baguette, with pickles, carrots, chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce and many more. It’s different from your typical normal sandwich I can assure you. On its own, it’s a traditional Vietnamese staple food, and you’ll find many locals eating it. Learn how to make it here.

4) Goguma Mattang

Goguma Mattang is a Korean dish which is candied caramelised sweet potatoes. Sounds tasty right? It’s particularly unique due to the colour of the potato skins. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre, Vitamin B and C. They are the perfect dish to snack on or simply have on the side. Learn how to make them here.

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5)Pad Thai

Pad Thai is an all-around favourite originating from Thailand. It’s a stir-fried noodle dish filled with vegetables and if you wish, meat also. The main ingredients inside are peanuts, beansprouts, lemon, tofu, carrots, garlic and many others. Eating Pad Thai is like an infusion of flavours in your mouth. Depending on your palette, you can also add sauce to it as well and make it a bit more flavourful. Learn how to make it here.

6) Okonomiyaki

If you like eggs, then you’ll love Okiyomiyaki, a savoury Japanese dish. It originates from Osaka and is one of my all-time favourite Japanese dishes. The main ingredients are eggs, shredded cabbage, onions and sauce. Then depending on your flavour, you can add more into them. Its name in English is referred to as “Grilled as you like”. I find the dish incredibly filling too and a perfect meal for any time of the day. Click here on how to make Okonomiyaki.

7) Pani Puri

A delicious street food a favourite in India and Nepal. It’s a round type pastry ball filled with masala, onion, chickpeas and mint. You shove it all in your mouth in one go and enjoy the crunchy taste. Learn how to make it here.

8) Nasi Goreng

Take Indonesia to your kitchen and cook the dish of Nasi Goreng. In fact, it’s also found in Malaysia and Singapore. The name translates into fried rice. It’s often fried rice, consisting of a fried egg on top, vegetables, meat and sauce. It serves as delicious comfort food and a filling dish too. Discover how to make Nasi Goreng here

9) Polos Curry

Jackfruit is now a go-to fruit used all over the world as a meat substitute. Heck, it’s so tasty on its own it deserves its personal credit as opposed to a meat alternative. This is precisely the main dish of the Sri Lankan Polos Curry. Jackfruit is the national fruit of Sri Lanka and is renowned for lots of health benefits. Inside a polos curry, there is also coconut, chillies, onions and many more. A recipe for Polos Curry you can find here.

10) Chicken Satay

If you like grilled chicken satay, then this may be the dish for you. It’s a dish typical to Malaysia which goes hand in hand with a peanut sauce. The meat is marinated and served with a bit of spice, adding to that bustling flavour. Learn how to make it here.

11)  Potato Bun

Traditional to the Tibetan Village in the Sichuan Province of China, Zhonglu. A lot of villages eat this simple, tasty treat in their homes. To be honest, a lot of Chinese do anyhow. They are soft, fluffy and delicious to digest. Here you can find an easy to make recipe.

12) Green Mango Salad

Green Mango is a salad you’ll come across if visiting Thailand or Vietnam. Due to its chilli sauce, lime juice, fish sauce and vegetables/seafood. It’s a mouthwatering and tasty salad, which can be consumed at any time of the year. Learn how to prepare one here.

13) Taiwanese Omelette

This excellent breakfast dish is tasty and different from your typical omelette. Why? What omelettes do you know which consist of oyster sauce? Yep, that’s right omelettes in Taiwan do. They are so different from what you’ll typically expect. I’m quite confident you won’t be able to eat a ‘normal’ omelette ever again. Learn how to make it here.

14) Vegetable Tempura

There’s nothing like enjoying your five a day in a lightly fried yet crispy batter. Vegetable Tempura is native to Japan and was influenced by the Portuguese cooking style in the 16th century. The mixture is made out of egg yolk, starch and oil. Try making your own version, by following this simple recipe here.

15) Mulligatawny Soup

A warming South Indian healthy soup dish. This can be eaten on its own or with rice. Inside the soup, there are lentils, a range of vegetables and spices. It’s cheap and easy to make, learn how to prepare this dish here

There you go, enjoy 15 simple Asian dishes to crave. Do comment below if there is any more Asian dishes to crave.


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