10 Travel Bloggers Advice on How to Survive Covid-19

What’s your biggest lost during this pandemic? Just take a moment to pause and reflect on that. In fact, we are all facing unnerving times at the moment, whether we’re concerned about or health, mindset or even business. One sector in the workplace, which is taking the biggest hit is the travel industry which stems from pilots to local guides. As a travel blogger, my traffic has made a big dip due to the lack of people able or wanting to travel.

 In this hard time, questions have arisen in my mind about pausing it or simply turning to another topic to write about. However, as much as I’ve pondered on the subject, I simply can’t. I adore everything about travel. No doubt, I’m not the only one who is in this position too. Many other travel bloggers are facing this difficult situation. Therefore, to help you travel bloggers, I’ve managed to compile an interview with 10 other travel bloggers on how they’re coping/what they’re doing to survive in this pandemic. Here are some travel bloggers advice on blogging during Covid-19.

1) Paul Johnson- Cumbria, U.K-

A Luxury Travel Blog

Photo Credit: A Luxury Travel Blog

Paul from A luxury Travel Blog said

“It depends on the business model for individual travel bloggers as to what course of action each might want to make, but there are plenty of tasks that they keep can be doing to ‘get their ducks in a row’ for when travel resumes.  For example, you could still be posting content that’s relevant to the current situation (see our post titled ‘Top 10 things for someone with itchy feet to do during self-isolation‘ for example), you could be tidying up existing mailing lists, working on your social media following or working on site design. It will depend on individual bloggers, though, as to how sustainable these kinds of activities are when faced with zero – or significantly reduced – income.”

2) Charlie & Kristina- Map Trotting- U.K

Image courtesy of Map Trotting

Charlie & Kristina at Map Trotting stated “My top take would be to use this time to work on your blog/site and tidy it up, improve SEO and structure in old posts, maybe delete some that don’t add value any more. Also, have a think about how it will likely be domestic tourism that’s the driver initially as thing return to normal, so content focused for people exploring their own countries could be useful, i.e. ‘enjoy x without the tourists!'”

3)Antonia- India Palette- India

Image Credit: of India Palette

Antonia at India Palette mentioned “I’m subscribed to a huge number of travel bloggers, and what can I say, they are doing well! The posts they are sharing at the moment are no less interesting than travel tips or trip reports. At the moment it’s less about travel, but more about one’s personality. We get to know what inspires a person to travel, what books and movies motivate them, how they manage to stay productive when working from home, what work out routine they stick to and so on and so on. It’s the right time to open up a bit and show your readers what you’re like in day-to-day life.”

4) Stef- Livin Like Stef- Malta

Photo Credit: Livin like Stef

 Stef @ Livin Like Stef travel bloggers advice iws”Stay safe, stay strong, stay home. Just remember, everything is temporary, and this too will pass. It is a rough patch for a lot of people but as travel bloggers you can either keep blogging about travel-related stuff, people love reading things as a distraction! Or write other posts which are more lifestyle-related; readers will relate to that.”

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5) Mike and Katie. The Hollapinos- USA and The Philippines

Photo Credit: The Hollapinos

Mike and Katie from The Hollapinos Travel blog, said the following “

We are new in blogging, so our traffic is greatly affected by the current situation. Despite the tough times, we recommend our fellow travel bloggers to keep pushing on growing their blog posts and to channel their focus on other relatable subject matters that their regular viewers may be interested in.

Be patient because after the restrictions are lifted, there will be an influx of people wanting to get away and travel after being in lockdown for so long. We know that airlines, travel agencies, hotels, and resorts will be offering very affordable rates to try to help recoup lost revenues during the pandemic.”

6) Riana- TeaspoonofAdventure -Vancouver, Canada

Photo Credit: Teaspoon of Adventure

Riana from TeaspoonofAdventure said

“I do believe that the travel industry is resilient and that we will travel again – whether that’s this summer, this fall, or next year, I don’t know. But we will travel someday. So now I think is the perfect time to be planning that big trip. It’s also an ideal time for people to escape into virtual adventures on the screen since they can’t go in real life. I think travel bloggers need to cater their content for this crowd. 

No one is travelling now; we need to be cognizant of that and state it blatantly in our writing. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t looking for some sort of content. I think this is a great time to be writing more personal travel stories and experimenting with different types of content. It’s also a great time to do some background work on improving your blog. Traffic might suck right now but it will come back. And in the meantime, the audience is out there. You may need to readjust a bit to give them what they want.”

7) Johnny- Johnnys Tradventures- U.K

Photo Credit: Johnny’s Traventures

Johnny’s Traventures said

Promote your content (both new and old) as much as possible over socials and engage with other bloggers. I think there’s no better time than now to do that. 

I’ve not contemplated the possibility of people losing interest in travelling. It’s an interesting prospect, however. If you ask me do I think people may have a different approach to travelling, especially in the long term? Yeah, I’m more certain to give an answer on that. You may find people being more conscious of personal hygiene than they were before. They may go for health check-ups more if they’re going away on international trips. Alternatively, some may favour domestic travel more. Those are a few examples, and there’s no predicting how different things will be till the pandemic is over, and things start running again.”

8)Barbara- Porty’s Diary

Photo Credit: Porty’s Diary

“My advice to fellow travel bloggers would be: 

Barbara at Porty’s Diary mentioned

“Keep posting your content, invest your free time in your blog, optimize it so that when this situation is over, more people can find your beautiful content. Stay positive! That’s what I am trying to do.”

9) Sanne- Spend Life Travelling

Photo Credit: Spend Life Traveling

Sanne at Spend Life Traveling, says

“Now that you aren’t getting a lot of visitors and have so much extra free time, use that to your advantage! Redesign your website, update old content, and focus on the tasks you’ve been putting off for so long.

“Write content that is relevant now. For example I’ve recently published an article about things to do at home during the coronavirus outbreak and a list of street food recipes from around the world. People do still read blogs, they just choose to read different articles. Adjust to that and use social media to share your articles. And, be kind to yourself! It’s ok to have a bad day, to feel down about all the traffic and income you have lost. Take that day off and focus on things that make you happy and give you energy.”

10) Nomad Lifestyle- Tokyo, Japan

Photo Credit:Nomad Lifestyle

Nomad Lifestyle said “As far as how it has affected my travel writing, it’s given me far more time to work on my blog than I’ve ever had. Since I took a few recent trips in Mexico, I have had more time to work on future blog posts. I have tried to take more advantage of this downtime to complete tasks which I have been putting off for a while.”

There you have it, a list of travel bloggers advice on how to survive during Covid-19. Travel bloggers advice is vital for the blogging community in these hard times and I hope you’ve gained some information/hope through this. Stay strong, continue what you’re doing and supporting others. If you have any feedback or advice, do respond in the comments below.


  1. I really miss going out on a weekend and exploring new places with my partner if I’m being honest. Luckily, I have so many photos saved on phone, that I’ve been writing posts about our adventures in the past. It’s been great to relive memories and not be just cooped up in the house. A virtual tour of a place is better than nothing! Can’t wait for this all to be over though. Stay safe!

    1. That is a good tip, often mobiles have many images we tend to forget about! Lots of content to cover you during this period. Stay safe also 🙂

  2. I think right now is a great time for travel bloggers to brush up on their SEO because I think there will be a huge rush on travel blogs when this all blows over so now is the best time to do whatever you can to boost your rankings. I also agree that focusing on domestic travel is the best thing for a while as people are likely to do that first. Things like bucket list travel posts and top places I want to visit when this is over kind of content will also be popular x


    1. Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for your tips! That’s what I’m going to do is brush up on my SEO. I feel some may be discouraged but we need to keep going, we have such an advantage to work on now. x

  3. Thanks for rounding up these tips! As a travel blogger myself, I especially like the ones about focusing on domestic tourism for people exploring their own countries as well as sharing more about ourselves personally to let our readers get to know us better as people. This too shall pass, but in the meantime, there are definitely things we can do to stay busy and productive.

  4. It was great to read some different opinions about what we should all do while traveling is not an option. My blog is relatively new and I have a lot to do for SEO, social and a lot more things to learn. Also, I have more content to write even if we’re not traveling at the moment and I think that people will eventually start traveling again. Of course, some will change habits and spend time closer to home but many people can’t wait to resume their travels. Anyway, great read, thanks for putting this together.

  5. Me and my love going out exploring, but at the minute we can’t travel, but I do like looking at this travel blogs, because it’s almost like your exploring that part of the world from your brain. Thanks for sharing this with us 😁

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