Kathmandu Trails- Himalayan Hash House Harriers

You may be surprised that a city with a population of around 1.5 + million has some beautiful Kathmandu trails to run with the Himalayan Hash House Harriers.

I run with a trail running group in Kathmandu on a Saturday. The Himalayan Hash House Harriers, or some refer to it as the hash in Kathmandu (not weed). I previously only ran road races, but now I’m a fully-fledged trail convert! Hash runs are like a trail equivalent to a park run in Kathmandu.

The group has a mixed ability, from ultra-runners to walkers. It’s for everyone (who can handle the Kathmandu trails). They have been around since 1979 and have been running ever since. Everyone who attends is extremely friendly and approachable. Since running with them, I now crave for each Saturday to get back on the trails. It’s also an excellent way to experience some breathtaking scenery Kathmandu has to offer.

Moreover, it’s a great opportunity if you’re a tourist or expat wanting to break into Nepal, grow your social circle and have some native friends doing so. The Himalayan Hash House Harriers is a fantastic fusion of expats and Nepalese combined.

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Himalayan Hash House Harriers Running
Photo taken from Budhanilkantha.

The Himalayan Hash House Harriers announce their running location on a Thursday or Friday before the event on a Saturday. Each week, the area in the Valley is different, and the hares lead the run and map out the course. You can usually find this on their website, Facebook Group, or Whatsapp (to access it, you need to know someone).

Price to run with Himalayan Hash House Harriers

At the end of the trail, the group has food and drinks. If you want to drink beer, it costs 700 NPR, and for soft drinks, 300 NPR. However, this was back in 2019; prices may have changed since.


Every Saturday at 2:00pm in winter and 3:00pm in summer. Check out their website: Himalayan Hash run, or their Facebook group for more information on time and location changes.

Is it for me?

Yes, the Himalayan Hash House Harriers caters to all!

There are two groups, a running and walking group, so it does suit all abilities for Kathmandu Trails. You never need to worry about your safety as they’re very well organized, always having someone cover the front and end of the trail at the back of the group. If you’re like me and get bogged down by city life’s dust, hustle, and bustle, this group is great to join. You get to run, walk and explore flora and fauna amongst the Valley, to save you the exhaustive travel time in the car, bus, or waiting for a domestic flight for a trek in TIA.

 I look forward to each weekend for the trails and hanging out with my fellow hashers. I couldn’t imagine running on roads now in comparison to trails. The scenery is just phenomenal!

Where can I run in Kathmandu?

There are a lot of trails you can choose to run in Kathmandu, and even road runs too. You can try running around Chohbar, Budhanilkantha, Shivapuri National Park, Chapagaon, Godavari, Champadevi, and more.

Where can I run in Nepal?

If you are happy to travel, Nepal has a range of trails you can explore in Pokhara, Kurintar, Chitwan, and even the Khumbu region. The amount of wonderful hills, mountains, and forests make it a runners’ paradise for many.

What running competitions are there in Nepal?

Nepal is not limited to its road races and trail races, especially within Kathmandu. Depending on the season, you can run short races, half marathons, marathons, and ultramarathons. The best way to know is to visit the Ahotu website.


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