Double Standards in Black Lives Matter Movement

The beauty of the human race is that even though we have our primitive instincts, we can adapt and instil new behaviours. We will never hit an equilibrium with what we set out to do. As a species we have an insatiable appetite for development and change. Due to the range of social or cultural norms, we cannot measure success as there are no set markers by society. Standards, opinions and issues develop. We change, and society evolves. However, that’s the great thing about being homosapiens, if we put our minds to it we can learn, unlearn and relearn all over again. We can open our minds, build new neural paths and create new opportunities.

Such opportunities set a foundation and give a new incentive again to change. Hence, why we will never hit that equilibrium, but that’s the fantastic thing, right? We don’t need to look at our race as a test! When the end of the world occurs, the last humans or whatever the species is, they will not be graded from their predecessors! We cannot be compared to other beings, because we simply are one of a kind. It’s us as humans who set the benchmark, dictate the hidden laws and rules which govern our race, causing us to progress. Which I think is truly remarkable.

Retreating To Primitive Instincts

While change is happening in each one of us daily, certain people try to resist it. Or, they don’t embrace the unfamiliar and result in retreating back to their primitive instincts or worse, conform to others decisions without actively using their conscience. Which is evident in the double standards of the black lives matters movement.

I’ve noticed this time and time again in many areas of life. However, most recently, this has come to light in the reignition of The Black Lives Matter Movement. I find this movement so powerful, as people are trying to change stigmas and allow for better rights, fairness towards the black race after the deep routed history of mistreatment. Certainly for one, I’m not one able to state my opinion or can fathom what this race has gone through, as I’m white. I will never be able to understand it, but I am actively trying to gain more knowledge and support the movement for change.

To be honest, I began last year actively reading such books like “Why I’m no longer talking to White People About Race” -Reni Eddo-Lodge and “Natives Race & Class in The Ruins of the British Empire”- Akala. Alongside documentaries. 


Actually, take that out, this is not about me or what I’m doing. I’m trying to unlearn what I’ve been conditioned to believe and see, and assist the development of the human race. Just like me, the recent situations if not previous ones have sparked that change for people to unlearn and do the right thing to allow humans to progress. Taking that action further. 

Yet, what I’m also seeing is people resisting to challenge their opinions or result in other opinions. I’ve kept relatively quiet on social media channels about this. Some friends in fact have told me to ‘let it go’ as its ‘always going to be the case’. But, I’m not happy with that.

Double Standards In The Black Lives Matter Movement

To be specific, I’m talking about the double standards across the world in regards to Black Lives Matter. Yes, you know the Instagram media blackout, shares of memes, quotes, videos and even businesses stating messages like “We Stand in Solidarity.” Hang on; I’m not criticising you all as we all have the potential in us to unlearn and relearn. Yes, this may be the case for some of you. However, the individuals I’m seeing doing this around the world have been and are racist, colorist, caste-based or gender-based discriminators. Trust me, these beliefs of these individuals/groups don’t change overnight. Especially when you’ve heard such xenophobic remarks from their mouths, actions and companions around them.

Don’t believe me? Bhuiyan at The Lost Angeles Times reported –


“The inequitable and brutal treatment of black people in our country must stop. Together we stand in solidarity with the black community — our employees, customers, and partners — in the fight against systemic racism and injustice.”

What the record shows: At the center of the protests demanding justice for Floyd are calls for police reform and an end to racist policing. Amazon has several contracts with law enforcement agencies. Of particular note, Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance company, has partnerships with at least 200 police departments across the country, as Motherboard has reported. As part of its contract with some police departments, Ring incentivized police to encourage citizens to adopt the company’s neighborhood watch app — which has reported issues with racial profiling. After reviewing more than 100 posts on the app, Motherboard found that the majority of people who users deemed “suspicious” were people of color.

“Given the reality of police violence, with impunity, impacting primarily people of color in the United States, these kinds of acts threaten the lives of third parties who are simply, in some cases, doing their jobs or living in their own neighborhoods,” Shahid Buttar, director of grass-roots advocacy for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told Motherboard.

Amazon also licenses facial-recognition software, called Rekognition, to law enforcement agencies. A study by the MIT Media Lab found that the software performed worse at identifying the gender of individuals with dark faces, although Amazon contested the validity of the findings. Other facial-recognition algorithms have struggled to accurately identify non-white faces.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment.”

For more about this article, read it here.

Why are Humans Behaving like this?

Were they saying it because they were too scared to express their views? Or were behaving in such a derogatory ways as it’s all that they know because they try to upkeep old traditions and instincts? You or I cannot answer these questions, as we only know ourselves.

Having said that, I can’t help that the reason they’re joining this movement and the social media trends is for altruistic purposes. That sensation of joining something others are doing so they fit in and not really doing it for their core values. Or actually realising what’s the matter and purpose at stake. While still adapting these conditioned xenophobic beliefs and stating them verbally, yet presenting a different front online or around others. 

Maybe even worse, once other world news comes to light, I fear these exact people will retreat to their conditioned selves and wait for their next online hype to come along. In all honesty, I could be wrong stating my opinion on this here. But this I call out and I openly encourage and challenge you to the point of where I’m wrong. 

The Point Is…

Humans should constantly be finding ways to seek out what’s wrong with their attitudes or beliefs. To challenge the status quo and delve into new learnings. Therefore, you lot who are conforming to the social media shares or like, it’s not enough. Go out, conduct your own research, read, watch videos, donate, speak to people and raise your voice. How are you ever going to challenge, unlearn and relearn? Especially if memes or quotes are presented to you on a platter on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Adopt this mentality, to change your conditioned opinion. Whether it’s about this movement, your political stance or anything else in life.

Just cause I’m telling you and others are broadcasting to you about #BLACKLIVESMATTER, does not make it right for you to join in the movement. Don’t be a player of double standards in the black lives matter movement. You need to really challenge your opinion. Start by being active in your own self-study of the movement and then join. Then share and like them posts out there, once you are actively doing your part to learn. 

As after all, how will we ever develop and push past that equilibrium we’ve set? How can we instil new mindsets and inherit new behaviours over generations from secular ones?

We must play our own part in the development of humankind. 


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