10 World Coffees To Make in Your Kitchen

Hey you, how are you coping with the lockdown at home? Are you bored yet? Maybe your feet are itching to travel and venture far away? Don’t worry, what you’re feeling is perfectly normal, even I’m feeling it too. One way to get yourself travelling is through your tastebuds. Allow your palette to taste or relive familiar foreign flavours. Stimulate your mind with memories or create new experiences at your fingertips. While I’m not the craftiest with food, I adore coffee, especially when I travel. 


Coffee not only is an energy booster, but it’s also a conversation starter, a cup of focus and commonality which unites a community. What I love about coffee is that it’s cultivated in so many different ways all over the world. Local stories, entrepreneurs and magnificent bonds have been formed over a cup of Joe. I feel lucky in my travels to have experienced many different world coffees. I know right now, I can’t experience any more outdoors. However, I can bring the outdoors indoors and make world coffees in my kitchen. Just cause you can’t travel does not mean you can’t get your travel fix at home. Therefore today in no particular order I’ve come up with a list of 10 world coffees to make in your kitchen. 

Here are 10 world coffees to make in your kitchen:

1. Vietnamese Coffee – Egg Coffee

Photo Credit: The Spruce Eats

Coffee with an egg, you say? How intriguing or maybe disgusting? Trust me; this is a coffee worth tasting. I recall my time in Vietnam having an abundance of these, and they’re damn tasty. This coffee originates from its capital, Hanoi and is believed it first came there around 1946. Rumours say it was devised this way as there was a shortage of milk from the French War. Therefore egg was used as a substitute and is whisked into the coffee. When drinking, it becomes a delicious and creamy drink. It sounds a bit complicated? Don’t worry here is an easy to follow recipe to try in your home. Make it here.

2. Korean Coffee- Dalgona

A popular yet simple coffee to make originating from Korea. Which is a sweet coffee with equal part instant coffee and sugar. It is served cold and has been a trending drink all over the world during lockdown times of COVID-19. I do like it, but it can be quite a kick of caffeine to your system, so do consider the rest of your coffee consumption for the day. See how to make it here.

3. Italian Coffee- Affogato

Italy holds a special place for us all because it has this marvellous coffee drinking culture. Out of it, many remarkable coffees have been devised. One in particular, for the warmer weather, is the Affogato. An Affagato is often seen more like a dessert as it’s an espresso with a dollop of ice cream on top. Likewise, if you wish additional toppings to it, on that matter, there are many different variations across the globe due to ice cream and toppings. Learn how to make it at home here!

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4.Turkey- Fine ground Turkish Coffee

There is a lot of history surrounding Turkish coffee and was first brought to the country by Syrian traders in the 17th century. Since coffee became a particular part of ceremonies and many Turkish coffee houses were established. What is so majestical about this form of coffee? Well, Turkish coffee uses a form of very finely grounded Arabica beans, which creates a fresh and robust taste. Learn how to make it here

5. Ireland- Irish Coffee

Now, this is not your typical coffee; an Irish coffee has a fair portion of alcohol in. I bet that sentence woke you up! Irish coffee has Irish whiskey in alongside hot coffee, cream and sugar. The coffee is drunk through the cream, and truth be told one of the most popular drinks in Ireland! Learn how to make it at home here.

6. Cuba- Cortado

Photo Credit: North Star Coffee Roasters

A cortado is my favourite form of coffee, and whenever I travel, I strive to find an excellent cortado. It’s an equal amount of espresso and steamed milk. Traditionally they are served in small glasses or cups. For me, espresso is quite bitter, and a cortado makes it that bit tastier. Interested? Here is a recipe. 

7. Australia- Flat White

Coming close to my favourite coffee, flat whites originated in Australia. However, there are often quarrels between New Zealand and Australia when it came first. Flat whites contain espresso and steamed milk. However, the difference between a flat white and a cortado is the consistency and the texture of milk. Bring Australia to your kitchen and make a flat white at home here.

8. Greece- Frappe

A cold coffee which has become extremely popular worldwide. You may see different versions of this extended to ‘Frappucino’. Its origin came about by mistake by a Nestle employ at a fair trade fair in Thessaloniki back in 1957! This coffee is just instant coffee, sugar, water and milk. However, it’s a tasty and popular drink in Greece. Find out how to make it here.

9. Austria- Kaisermélange

Photo Credit: Just a Pinch

Austria is another country renowned for its coffee culture, and popular coffee is the Kaisermélange. This coffee has honey, egg yolk, cognac and espresso. A delicious hot alcoholic coffee type beverage to have any time of the day. Learn how to make it here.

10. Vietnam- Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Yup, the coffee is just so damn tasty in Vietnam you have to try many flavours! Another speciality is the Vietnamese iced coffee. This is no ordinary iced coffee though; the milk is condensed and super tasty. There is also a hint of coconut, and the taste lingers on your tongue for ages afterwards… make it here

There you have it, 10 delicious world coffees to make in your kitchen.

Know any other recipes or have any different favourite coffees? Share below in the comments.


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